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6 Tips on Purchasing Your Hallway Runners

6 Tips on Purchasing Your Hallway Runners

The hallways flooring gets damaged because of the foot traffic they bear. Luckily, there are solutions like specially designed rugs for flooring or carpet protection. One of these is the Moroccan runner rugs which are long and rectangular. You can lay them on high traffic areas of your house because they not only safeguard your hallway from wear and tear, they also have an aesthetic impact on the floor. To get what perfectly fits your application, you need some knowledge about hallway runners. Here are tips to guide you through the purchasing process.

Know Your Space Measurements

Typically, runners are rectangular. However, they come in a plethora of lengths and widths. Many of them come at widths of 2 or 3 and lengths of 6 to 14 feet. Remember you should have four to five inches of visible flooring on the sides after laying it down. If you choose, you can make the visible side floors bigger as long as you centrally place the rug.

Select a Style of Rug

You need to determine what style of rugs fit your space because there is a variety of them. You want a rug capable of accentuating features of your home. For instance, select a country-style or casual for a cozy cottage. Contemporary rugs fit tile flooring while conventional-style rugs work well with hardwood floors.

Select a Rug Pattern

After the style, you need the patterns. Simplicity will call for rugs with a stripe or solid patterns. Contemporary flooring will work well with geometric patterns, homes with country decor style will appreciate rugs with floral designs, while households with traditional decor would work well with oriental rugs with patterns that are floral.

Choose The Color

When selecting the right color for your rugs, look for those that are presently in your space. It is typical for runners to have the main color and include multiple others depending on the patterns. You can brighten a dull room with bright colored runners. A hallway runner closely matching the flooring will blend into your space beautifully as well.

Material Selection

Selecting a rug material is something you will have to consider because it plays a role during in cleaning, the kind of pets you keep, and the amount of traffic that will be involved. Obviously, you will have to consider pets, allergies, and children. In instances where a family member has allergic reactions triggered by natural fiber, you will have to opt for synthetic fiber runners. Polypropylene is easy to clean and is moisture resistant making it the option to go for if you have pets. If your hallway is extremely high with traffic, you must pick durable rug materials like nylon or cotton. Failure to do this will mean you frequently replace the hallway runner because of wear and tear.

Consider the Height

Hallways have high traffic and therefore will need not only durable runners but also dense ones. Shag rug will feel plush under your feet. But for maintenance purposes, you want Moroccan runner rugs that have a shorter pile.

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Moroccan Rugs: Why They Are a Must-Have

Moroccan Rugs: Why They Are a Must-Have

Rugs hold immense abilities as a design element given their outstanding beauty and functionality. Moroccan rugs, in particular, hold a richness of heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation.


The interior décor of a room is greatly influenced by the little but vital components which you can add to your space. One of the must-have pieces, which can instantly transform a dull room into one that is full of life and beauty, is rugs. These artistic pieces have for ages been a part of the vital essentials for many communities across the world. Defying the test of time and architectural changes which has influenced a lot of elements, rugs remain an integral part of any home.

Most homeowners today have their floors tiled or fully carpeted from wall to wall and think they do not have a space for rugs. This is quite the opposite as rugs play a role that cannot be duplicated by any other alternative home décor elements. The distinctive feature of rugs where they only cover a specified area of interest as opposed to carpets, which are meant for the entire floor, makes them an exciting piece for any room. In the bedroom, you can have a small rug right at the edge of the bed to add extra warmth to your setting. On the other hand, for sitting areas, you can have a large rug be the base upon which that classic table you bought rests.

The endless ways in which you can decorate your space with a rug can only be made better by acquiring a premium quality product. Keeping alive art that has always been a part of the traditional day-to-day living, the Moroccan Rug is a masterpiece that is second to none. Handcrafted by weavers who have learned the art from the preceding generations, each piece is made with great attention to details that cannot be achieved by any imitators. In the communities in Morocco, women have the role of making rugs a primary reason behind the delicate balance of color and style for the rugs.

Symbolism is of importance among the Berbers community as it allows for supernatural connections that go beyond physical borders. It is this very infinite rapport that is in-grained to their rugs which are artistic pieces that display creativity at its best. Fine lines and patterns that are simple in form but catchy to the eye are a part of these decorative rugs which perfectly fit in the modern spaces. In acquiring a Moroccan rug, you take more than just another product off the shelves but own a piece with a story for the world.

The simplest way to have the assurance that the piece you are about to purchase is a Moroccan rug is to inquire on its origin and materials used for the production. A reputable store strictly stocks pieces that come straight from Morocco and are made with natural spring wools and native dyes which give them a unique shade of color. A high-quality investment guarantees that the piece you buy will be durable and not easily fade even after years of use. 


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Rugs are a central design element in the house and sometimes the more intricate the design the better foundation it will become for everything else that is to go in the room.

Many times when consumers will take the time to travel to the local marketplaces of Peru or Turkey when they are searching for a rug, they know they may not find in their homeland for the same price.

Many times the rug becomes the focal point if everything else around it has been strategically placed. The patterns and the weaving techniques that the natives of those countries utilize when making their rugs are second to none.

Also, many consumers will opt for the look that Moroccan rugs will bring to their home. Some of the best rug weavers are found in places such as India, Peru, Turkey, and Morocco. When you take the time to visit the marketplace of the above-mentioned countries, you will have no easy decision to make if you are there to buy a rug. The care and the quality of the materials and designs are not found here in the United States unless they have been imported from those countries straight to the retailer you are purchasing it from. 

However, if you are not able to travel to these beautiful places in order to purchase a rug but you still wish to have one, all is not lost, there are many different online merchants that will offer you the same quality rugs that you would have been able to select from in the open market. Once you begin shopping online you will be presented with a wide variety and beautifully artistically woven rugs that will make you want to buy one for every room in your home. Although it’s not the same as having the disposable cash to fly to Marrakech and spend time at the market visiting the rug shops in Fez, therefore, buying online is the next best thing to being there.

When a homeowner is looking for a central piece of merchandise for their entryway, they will be able to select from many different brightly colored pieces that are found in a Moroccan rug collection. Purchasing one of these rugs as a runner in the foyer of your home can be a conversation piece within itself. 

Depending on the style and shape of your rug, you may not want to put it on the floor, but you may want to show off its beauty by using it as a wall hanging or throwing it over the ledge that is in your loft. However, if the time ever comes and you do have the pleasure of going to Marrakech it is useful to have some type of idea of what you will be required to pay for a rug at the market.

It will also be helpful to know in advance that you should act as though you are not as much in love with the product as you actually are. The more nonchalant you are the better price you will receive. Know that you have to be a strong negotiator and stick firm to your price, or you will end up paying way too much dirham for what you are buying. 

Therefore, if you are in the market for a rug that will bring life to the floors in your home or become an exciting work of art to hang on the wall in the room of your choice---then buying a Moroccan rug is going to get you started in the right direction.


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3 Things You Should Consider When You Buy a Rug

Rugs are the best accessories that will not only enhance the look of your living room but also keeps it warm. It is one of the leading reason why people prefer to purchase rugs for their homes as it can dramatically beautify your house.  Hard flooring in your house can be cold and is not pleasant when it touches your feet.

Morocco, which is in Africa is known to be the best place to buy a carpet. The rugs that they make in this beautiful country is known to be strong, beautiful and peculiar. While there are many different rug designs that you can find in the world, nothing beats the Moroccan runner rugs.

Many people go to a market or buy a carpet online without doing a proper assessment. They regret later as it might not be appealing or does not suit their requirement. Purchasing a rug does not take a lot of time, but it is essential for you to check these things before proceeding.

Know the Measurements: It is one fundamental thing that you should check before picking up a rug. Many people do not do this and buy one that is not apt to the area wherein they plan to use it.  You should first know the area that is available in a living room. You should then calculate the area that you want to place the rug.

When you do this task, you will know the size of the carpet that you are looking. You will not buy a rug that is not appropriate but instead chooses one that best suits your requirement. You will avoid making a blunder in selecting the wrong one. It might require you to travel back to return it, and some merchants do not replace items once sold.

Set the Budget: It is essential for you to set the budget for the rug before going to select one that best suits your requirement. You should carefully assess the money you want to spend in buying the carpet. You may inquire the prices by checking online or calling up some merchants to find the average rate.

You should then carefully allocate the budget to purchase a rug.  Once you set the limit, it is essential for you to stay within this limit to avoid overspending.

Design and Material: It is vital for you to next search the designs and models that are available in the market. You should search not just in offline stores but also check the online stores. You should compare the costs to see who is selling it at a cheaper rate. It is crucial that you also check the materials they use.

When you find this information, you will know if the rug is strong and durable. It will give you a fair idea of whether you should invest your money or just remove the item from the list. These are few things that you need to assess carefully before purchasing one of the Moroccan runner rugs.




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3 Things You Should Do to Purchase the Best Moroccan Rug

Rugs can significantly improvize the aesthetics of your house. Many people do not know this trick and fall behind. You should ensure that you purchase Moroccan rugs that look fantastic to enhance the décor of your house.

Moroccan rugs are known to be traditionally hand-woven in Morocco. Many tribes in Morocco do this work as people usually use it for utility purpose. Only when the westerners saw these rugs, they were startled by its beautiful looks and patterns. Now, these rugs are trendy as many people use it mostly to decorate and beautify their homes.

The bright hues and the awesome colors and designs make them unique. People who walk into your homes will not cease praising its beauty making you proud. You should be very careful when it comes to purchasing these rugs. You should find a good merchant that sells them. Here are few things that you should do to find the best merchant that sells rugs.

Ask for Contact: If you have come across a Moroccan carpet in your friends or colleagues house. You should not hesitate in asking them details about the merchant from whom they have got this item. Most of your contacts will be more than willing to share the details of the storekeeper from whom they have bought this item.

One way to know if the rug is excellent is checking its age. You should also check if the carpet or rug is in excellent condition. If the carpet is wearing out within a short span of purchase, it is better to avoid that merchant.

Check E-Commerce Sites: Nowadays, you can find almost anything that you want on the internet. You should visit different websites that are available and check the various designs and patterns that you can see. You should avoid paying hefty money for these rugs. You should find online stores that sell these rugs at a reasonable rate.

You should also take time in studying the product description. When you do this exercise, you will know if this rug is lovely and durable. You should not purchase carpets that are of inferior quality as you might have to replace it after some time.

Most importantly you need to ensure that you have the option to return it if you do not like it. Even when you purchase the carpet from an offline store, you should properly check if the material they use is genuine.

Check the Reviews: One thing that you should do is to read the reviews and ratings of these merchants. By doing this thing, you will be able to see what people are thinking about them. The more the reviews, the better you can diagnose a merchant.

You will know if he is the right person or if he cheats the people. Doing this task will significantly assist you in your decision making. When you follow these steps, you can find the best merchant who sells Moroccan rugs.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Moroccan Boucherouite Rugs


Somethings bring more artistic value than you can ever imagine. They do not enhance your décors like furniture or lighting. Moroccan Boucherouite Rugs fall under this cadre, and they are one thing that you should buy to improve the aesthetics of your house.

Many people do not understand the reason why it receives so much of praise. Once you know how they make this rug and how it can add value, you will wait no more to buy it.

Here are few things that will help you in realizing its value and worth.

Know Its Origins:  As the name suggests, it has its origins in Morocco. This place is famous because of the beautiful as well as impressive rugs that they make and sell here. All of these woolen rugs are handwoven by a specific tribe that lives in this exotic country. They give credit to the Berber tribe for making these remarkable rugs.

These carpets are created using age-old techniques, methods as well as beliefs. Apart from being trendy, they look quite stylish to behold. They can be the best indoor carpet that you have ever purchased.

They mainly weave these rugs out of the scraps or recycled carpets than making it from wool alone. The word boucherouite means scrap in the local language. They use materials such as cotton, lurex as well as recycled wool in making this beautiful and lovely rug.

The carpet looks not just bright but also vibrant because of the many different materials they use in making this kind of rug.

Several Designs and Sizes:  You can find the rug in various sizes and designs because the women weave it in freestyle. The pattern of this beautiful rug is usually asymmetric. If you are looking for a specific size or design, you might find one quickly.

Since each of these rugs have different designs and patterns, they look quite appealing and attractive. It is nice to explore the various options that you have before purchasing one that best fits your requirement. They can sync in well with any interior design with ease.

Since most of the vendors have their e-commerce sites, it will be good, if you explore them first.

They Are Sturdy: Yes, these rugs are quite durable because they make it out of different materials. Unlike other rugs that are available, these usually last for a more extended period. It is a great investment to make as you do not have to buy them every few years.

You should take caution when purchasing these rugs as many vendors are not selling the genuine ones. You should check the ratings and reviews of a vendor before making a purchase. When you do this exercise, you will find the vendors that have a good reputation and name.

These are some reasons why you should choose to buy Moroccan Boucherouite Rugs.


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3 Things You Should Know About Moroccan Boucherouite Rugs

Morocco is known for the beautiful and impressive woolen rugs that are unique. They are handwoven by the Berber tribe. They follow age-old traditions as well as beliefs in creating these rugs.

 Early 20th century, women here started to create a new type of rug which they did not weave from wool. It is also popularly known as the Moroccan boucherouite rug. Besides being trendy, it is quite stylish, and you can use it as an indoor carpet at home for more practical use.

 These carpets are slowly becoming favorite for several people as many advantages come from using it. Here are few things that you might not know about these rugs,

The Real Meaning: In Moroccan, a boucherouite means merely a used clothing or in other words scrap. Instead of using wool to weave the rugs, women in Morocco started to use yarn rugs from recycled carpets. They also use recycled wool, cotton as well as lurex and nylon. They also use plastic from grain shipping bags as well as packaging material to create this beautiful rug.

These women follow the freestyle to stitch these carpets, and the pattern is usually asymmetrical. These rugs look extravagant as a result of this. The most significant thing about the whole thing is the color of these scraps seems vibrant and bright. You can never get this kind of color when you use vegetable dye.

They weave symbols and motifs that are quite significant for these tribes. You can find them in various shapes and sizes that look both catchy and attractive to behold.

How They Use It in Morocco: These rugs are primarily used to cover up the expensive woolen carpet at the house. It is ideal when members of a family want to sit down to prepare food. If there are small children at home especially babies, this carpet is perfect to have at home.

Many people use these carpets to place it on a mule or a horse before the rider sits on it. You can frequently see people using this rug as covers for the saddles in Morocco.

These rugs usually are not available in bigger size. The design of this rug is created mainly to assist people to use it for their everyday use. Though they are simple, they look great because of its vitality.

They were also mainly used to overcome the cold that they experience in winter. They are warm and gives comfort to the feet from the winters in the mountains.

You Should Use Them: These rugs are not just sturdy but can significantly enhance the beauty of your house. They can get along with almost any interior design that you can see.

 Many designers, as well as stylists, love it so much that they use it in their projects. You will not miss seeing Moroccan carpets as you flip through the pages of an interior magazine.

Using Moroccan boucherouite rug to your space will give an overall unique feel.


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A Purchasing Guide to Authentic Moroccan Rugs

There are some items that go far beyond interior decor. These are items that are more aligned with works of art than with pieces of furniture. This can certainly be said for the rugs that are woven in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. These are created by craftsmen who have been perfecting this trade for longer than you can imagine. These rugs are as much a part of their cultural history as recovered artifacts. Each one of these rugs are handwoven and tells a story. Everyone is different and unique to the person who created it. For a long time, it was very difficult to purchase or own one of these works of art. This is because they are a deeply personal creation, in the process is extremely difficult. Over the last few decades, the Internet has made it possible to purchase some of these rugs. Many of them are made to order and still handcrafted using only traditional methods.

It’s amazing to realize that so many diverse products can come out of one area. Each region around the High Atlas Mountains produces its own special type of woven work. Some are extremely rare, and each one represents a certain level of insight into their culture. Understanding these rugs is every bit as important as preserving them. This is a genuine part of someone’s history, and they deserve to be treated as such. Keep in mind that purchasing one of these rugs doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be made to your specifications. If you’re truly interested in an authentic product made by a real artist, and you’re going to have to accept their influence on the end product. This is especially important with things that are made to depict a life story.

When deciding to purchase one of these handmade rugs, it’s important to know where you’re getting it from. An Azilal rug can look very different than one made in another region. There are different methods and materials used, and understanding this is paramount to the buying process. These are just a few of the different types of rugs that you can consider:

Azilal Rugs

These are incredibly soft rugs made entirely from virgin wool. The colors come from natural dyes, and every portion of the rug has the artisan’s touch. They are made completely by hand, and this includes all of the knotting and weaving. This particular rug is fantastic for colder climates and can be used almost as a blanket in some instances. Everyone is unique, in they are a direct reflection of the person who made them.

Boucherouite Rugs

This translates into rag rugs. The design is truly unique to the Moroccan area, and often features hundreds and thousands of scraps of wool. Traditionally, the rugs were made of any type of fabric scraps that could be found. Now, they can be made to order using only wool scraps. These are all woven back together into a beautiful pattern. These rugs make up some of the most complex and vivid designs anywhere in the entire world.

Vintage Beni Ourain Rugs

These rugs are often considered heirloom pieces because of how well they stand the test of time. The majority of these carpets will be in natural colors. These particular weavers often avoid dyes, and use traditional black, white, and brown wool to weave geometric patterns into the surface of the carpet. Each line and knot are representative of another part of the weaver’s life. Traditional patterns will be geometric, and will sometimes mimic the natural flow of the land. These are incredibly unique, and will always be one of a kind piece.


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Five great rugs that are made in Morocco

The country of Morocco is rich in cultural diversity as well as history. Morocco is a nation that is famous for its globally regarded food, architecture, and especially their rugs.


                                  Atlas Mountains


While authentic handmade Moroccan rugs are highly appreciated as works of art, many people usually cannot identify what type of rug it is that they are looking at, whether it be a Moroccan rug or a completely different handmade rug altogether. Here are the many types of rugs that are produced in Morocco, and what separates them from the rest.

Beni Ourain

What may sound like a luxury fashion brand, Beni Ourain rather consists of a tribe that spans across the Middle Atlas Mountain range of Morocco. A Beni Ourain rug is made of pure sheepskin wool. These rugs are normally light tan in color festooned with Berber insignia. If you happen to come across a Beni Ourain rug that is turquoise or taupe in color, it is considered rare. These rugs are very popular due to their timeless look and minimalistic appeal. Among the notable Beni Ourain rug owners include famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who owned multiple rugs of this kind in his own outlandish Chicago home.


Azilal rugs have originated from central Morocco, in a province that goes by the same name. These rugs are made exclusively by Berber women. While they look like Beni Ourain due to their thick, plushy feel, the difference lies in the color. Azizal rugs will more than likely have artificial colored weaves that are woven into geometric shapes. The color of these wools comes from vegetable dyes. For a more lively, artistic version of a Beni Ourain rug, you would like to own an Azizal.


Kilims are normally associated with Balkan, Turkish, or Pakistani designers, but Morocco is another country that crafts beautiful rugs of this kind. Kilim rugs are flat woven, meaning that they are not as soft as similar woven rugs; they will appear thinner with no pile. While they are not the best to feel compared to other rugs, they are quite fascinating to look at with interesting designs and colors. Kilim rugs are compatible with many design decors and are very affordable as well. These rugs are not made to withstand foot traffic, however. They are rather used as fine art.


Unlike the other rugs in this article, Rabat rugs are more on the ritzy side of design. These rugs, despite their regal appearance, offer some of the brightest and most saturated colors of all the Moroccan rugs. They got their name from being crafted in Rabat, which is, in fact, the capital of Morocco. These rugs often feature a diamond motif in the middle, surrounded by a central area that is a uniform color of red, green, blue, or purple. The diamond center and borders are designed with elaborate, colorful, and elegant patterns that are nearly impossible with other handmade rugs. While these rugs are not as popular as they once were, they can still be found in the homes of Moroccan aristocrats and upperclassmen. As you can tell, these rugs are the priciest of all the Moroccan designs.


Like the Beni Ourain, these rugs originated from a tribe in the Middle Atlas Mountain range of Morocco. These are like the Beni Ourain with natural dyes, but the difference lies in the Boujad rug's use of pink, orange, and/or purple colors. These rugs also feature irregular geometric patterns where the appeal lies in the uniqueness and designer's native craftsmanship.

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