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3 Reasons You Should Buy an Azilal Rug

Moroccan rugs have dominated the interior decoration market over the last few decades, and for good reason: they are rare and vibrant carpets that are made by tribal women who weave their stories and culture into each piece. While there are several different Moroccan rugs available, such as the well-known Beni Ourain variation, the Azilal variation makes more use of aboriginal patterns and colors.

The history and beauty of Azilal rugs make them a worthy addition to any home. They instantly add a rustic touch to any living space, making it a comfortable and warm place to spend time in. Here are three reasons you should buy an Azilal rug and bring a piece of Morocco to your abode:

They’re Unique and Original

Azilal rugs are pieces weaved in Azilal, which is central Morocco’s provincial capital in the Atlas Mountains. These rugs are crafted by the tribal women of this region, who honor their ancestry and its traditions by weaving its symbols into each rug. In fact, each rug is so unique and gorgeous that its popularity has gone far and beyond the mountains to surpass more popular Berber rugs. 

Each rug is distinct and individual, as it recounts the unique story of its weaver. The techniques are also unique to the Berber women in Morocco, which allow them to freely design the rug according to their own imagination while complying with Berber tradition. Buying an Azilal rug will make sure that you have a truly special and remarkable piece in your house that is comfortable, stunning, and unlike any other in the entire world.

They’re Authentically Handmade

A real Azilal rug is one that is handmade by Berber women. Unlike the decorative rugs offered in major homeware stores, they aren’t mass-produced, as each one is weaved with dedication and love. The weaver delicately works with virgin wool to create special knotted or braided lines while embellishing it with bright colors. Each rug tells the story of the weaver’s life, whether it’s their everyday activities or the story of their ancestors. They are also handmade to last a lifetime—something that can’t quite be found with mass-market rugs.

The Azilal have strong and dedicated traditions, especially when it comes to weaving these rugs, and the techniques are passed on through generations to create a unique and durable Azilal rug. You’ll be sure to have a sturdy and decorative piece that is comfortable to walk on, making it an exceptional carpet to purchase for your domicile.

They’re Colorful Additions to Your Home

Azilal rugs are different from other Moroccan rugs because they are distinctively bold and bright, utilizing patterns that authentic Moroccan rugs are widely recognized for. As they’re exclusively made by the region’s skilled artisans, they double as abstract works of art that are an important representation of Moroccan culture.

The vibrance of these rugs come from the spontaneity of its creators, where they freely express themselves through vivid colors and distinct shapes. This passion led to the creation of the striking geometric designs that propelled Moroccan rugs to its well-deserved popularity. Azilal rugs are heavily decorated with the ancestral myths of the Berber people, making them colorful and captivating additions to your residence.


These gorgeous rugs are uniquely handmade and colorfully designed, capturing the brilliant spirit of Morocco in a few square feet of fabric. They are a quick yet enchanting way to brighten up any living space while adding a vintage or rustic touch. Buying an Azilal rug, a rare and prized piece is sure to liven up your home.

If you’re looking for Azilal rugs, let us know at Atlas Weavers! We are a fair trade artisan project in the USA that works with women in Berber communities to offer authentic Moroccan rugs. Each rug bears the rich tradition and culture of the Berber people, bringing a Moroccan touch to Western living spaces. Get in touch with us today for your very own Berber rug!