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  • 4 Different Ways to Hang a Moroccan Rug on the Wall

4 Different Ways to Hang a Moroccan Rug on the Wall

Today, when you say “rug,” people immediately think of it as a carpet – one that’s meant to decorate your fall. But is that what all those gorgeous Moroccan rugs are for? Not at all! You might not have thought of it before, but they’ll look amazing on your walls, too!

But how can you hang a Moroccan rug on the wall? In this post, Atlas Weavers, your best source of authentic Moroccan rugs, shares five ways you can hang a rug on your walls:

authentic Moroccan rug


Use Velcro

We bet you haven’t thought of it! The truth is, even museums will tell you that the best way to hang a Moroccan rug is with the use of Velcro. 

Velcro comprises two individual strips – the loop, the fuzzier part, can be sewn to the rug. The hook then has to be installed on the wall. You should use a 2-inch thick strip if you have a larger rug. Don’t be scared to stitch the Velcro into your rug because it can be easily removed should you decide to put the carpet back on your floor. Just make sure that you do not use the sticky-back Velcro, which is harder to remove. 

Hang from a Pole

This method is quite similar to how you hang curtains, which involves stitching a casing on the back of Moroccan rugs. The casing is a fabric tube that will securely hold a pole. This will then hang from the wall. The pole will evenly distribute the weight of the carpet and could add to its overall ornate look. You can choose a short fitted rod that won’t be visible, or you can choose a longer rod that shows on either end as it could lend elegance to your wall. That said, this method needs extra work, though it’s certainly an interesting way to hang a rug on your wall, no matter how big or heavy the rug is. 

Use Rug Clips or Carpet Clamps

Carpet clamps, also called rug clips, are yet another popular way to hang rugs on walls, and they are often used in rug shops and museums. The only concern is that the weight of the rug may be unevenly distributed and can potentially cause warping as time passes. That said, the clam method is still a classic way to hang a Moroccan rug and still looks clean and professional. 

Try Tack-less Carpet Strips

Tackles carpet strips are available at home improvement stores and some online stores. They can be used to secure carpets on the floor, but they work well for hanging rugs on walls, too. What you need to do here is to hang the carpet strips on the wall first and then attach your rugs to them. While this requires less effort than using Velcro and is relatively cheaper, it also comes with a higher risk as it could pull the rug's fibers loose, affecting its beauty and integrity. 


All of these methods would work well, and each one has its own set of pros and cons, too. For one, Velcro and rods offer a more sophisticated and safer method, but the drawback is that they require more effort and are more time-consuming. Tackless carpet strips are pretty risky. Carpet clamps offer a sort of middle ground, so that’s what you might want to try if you’re doing this for the first time. 

Are you looking for an authentic Moroccan rug to liven up your home? Atlas Weavers have some of the best ones you can find in the U.S. and the U.K. Whether you plan to hang them on the wall or have them grace your floors, you’ll indeed find one that meets your needs. Check out our collections today and enjoy free shipping on your order!