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  • 5 Best Dining Room Rug Designs Depending on Your Style

5 Best Dining Room Rug Designs Depending on Your Style

Finding the right decor for a room does not only rely on aesthetics. You should also consider its functionality and suitability for your personality, preference, and the events you will hold in the room.

For instance, if you’re shopping for a dining room rug, you should consider your current room’s decor and what type of meals you have at home. For special occasions, you should also dress up your dining room, and changing your rug is one way to do so.



Whether you’re decorating for a new dining room or styling up for an occasion, here are some styles you should consider.

  1. Traditional Rugs for Formal Dinners

Nothing says “fancy dinner” quite like the traditional dining room. You should consider getting a formal rug if you want to replicate that old-fashioned dinner with your family.

A traditional dining room rug has a border and a center motif around the edges. The border commonly has floral or geometric designs and colors. Meanwhile, the center motif is normally ball-shaped, although it can feature other shapes and motifs that are also iconic of the Victorian era.

As formal dinners usually call for mahogany or walnut tables and chairs, you may opt for darker-colored dining rugs.

  1. Mid-Century Rugs for Long, Fun Parties

If you like to host lots of parties and events, then you probably have plenty of guests over during your time. For a mid-century room, you should have a rug with a playful motif, possibly some geometric shapes, and mandala designs.

Mid-century rugs feature a sleeker design than traditional dining room rugs. They are usually rectangular or oval-shaped and have smaller motifs instead of large center designs.

Black and white are a great choice, but you can also go for blues, reds, and bright colors. Go for a muted tone for the rest of the furniture to complement the joyful atmosphere and let your décor do the talking.

  1. Rustic Rugs for Warm and Cozy Events

Are you looking for decor that’s a little bit more relaxed? You can also go for a rustic dining room rug that looks like it came from a cabin or country home. A rug like this will help create an atmosphere for your guests to relax and enjoy their meals.

A rustic dining room rug is made with a coarse material that is perfect for the outdoors. It has a woven texture, cozy design, and earth-toned colors, which helps the rug blend in with the surrounding areas.

  1. Bohemian Rugs for Intimate Dinners

A Bohemian rug has a round motif with intricate patterns and colors. It is woven from jute, sisal, or other materials that look like it’s from an era long forgotten, but we assure you it is still as comfortable as it is timeless.

You can also go with a Persian rug style with intricate designs, colors, and textures. These are woven from pre-industrial fibers and are often hand-knotted by artisans. Some even have a tribal flair with motifs that resemble ancient designs.

  1. Coastal Rugs for Casual and Comfortable Conversations

When it comes to coastal-inspired rooms, you may sometimes need a soft rug that invites you to sink into your seat. A coastal rug is light and airy, perfect for coastal or beach houses.

You can also opt for a nautical rug that feels like it’s from a ship’s floor. It has a subdued design with pale colors, making it look and feel calm and inviting.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right rug for your dining room can change the room's feel. Different rugs can also make other rooms look more special or inviting. However, you must consider the type of food you serve, the ambiance you want for your guests, and the feel you want for your home.

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