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  • A Historical Look into the Origins of Moroccan Rugs

A Historical Look into the Origins of Moroccan Rugs

From hotel rooms to upscale office spaces, Moroccan rugs are a decor must-have for design enthusiasts. These colorful and unique statement pieces create a vibrant feel in any room. The patterns and styles are different from your everyday rug because the shapes created represent fertility, survival, and the natural world. 

MidCentury Moroccan Rug


Each rug has a unique story, artistic flair, and functions. These rugs work well with any interior design. Its varying styles were a result of the climate of the region they were developed in. Despite the original function of Moroccan rugs as beddings and floor coverings, many people around the world collect and decorate their homes with these rugs.

To know more about Moroccan rugs, read below.

The History Behind Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are traditionally made from wool. These rugs are soft to the touch, covered in geometric patterns, and a plethora of colors. Moroccan rugs were used in palaces and sacred places. 

Moroccan rugs are woven by the Berber women of Morocco, originating in 622 AD. That’s nearly 1500 years of the art being passed down from mother to daughter, from daughter to granddaughter. They are used for domestic purposes, such as bedding and flooring. 

Eventually, these rugs were used as gifts to high-class families. According to Berber lore, these rugs were so beautiful that they could attract spirits, which is why their makers would burn the edges.

Why Are Moroccan Rugs Popular?

Moroccan Rugs are popular because of the bold geometric patterns and dynamic color folk art. The patterns represent symbols and stories from the family that developed them. Moreover, these rugs require incredible skill to create, passed down from generation to generation, and developed at a young age. Designers and collectors love them because of their great beauty and amazing style. 

What Are the Moroccan Rug Patterns?

Moroccan rugs are known for their simple geometric designs. Some of the famous patterns found on these rugs are stars, checks, zigzags, triangles and crosses. Other popular designs are dragons, cupids, camels, fish, human figures, animals, Judaic motifs, Shah Abbas design, Greek key, and so on. Due to Moroccan rugs’ unique designs and vibrant colors, you can place them in any home or office. 

What Are the Types Of Moroccan Rugs?

There are different types of Moroccan rugs. One of the most captivating and popular among them are vintage Moroccan rugs. Other styles include the Boucherouite, Beni, Ourian, Boujad, Beni Mguild, and Tribal kilims.

What Are The Colors in the Moroccan Rugs?

The most popular colors in a Moroccan rug are red, yellow, white, black, blue, and green. These colors are tied to the culture of Morocco and heavily draw from the influence on Islam.

What Are These Rugs Made Of?

Handwoven Vintage Berber rugs are made of 100% natural wool. The patterns and weaving are different from Turkish and Persian rugs. There are also many mass-produced versions of these rugs, but none of these match the value, beauty, and heritage of authentic Moroccan rugs.


Moroccan Rugs can be beautiful accents in your office or home. It can give the space a vibrant and inviting feel to a space, allowing people in it to feel more comfortable. Buy these rugs for your home today. 

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