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  • Everything You Need to Know About Morocco’s Tuareg Mats

Everything You Need to Know About Morocco’s Tuareg Mats

Rugs and carpets are an important aspect of interior design as they can help define spaces, add texture, and make your home feel cozier. And perhaps one of the best rugs you can get is a Moroccan rug. However, since Morocco is filled with a lot of cultures, there's not just one type of Moroccan rugs but many different available styles. And in this article, we'll be highlighting the gorgeous Tuareg mats of Morocco.

What Are Tuareg Mats?

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The Tuareg mats can be considered as one of the gems of Moroccan rugs. The Tuareg mats are handmade and are a fusion of Moroccan traditions and Berber carpets. The Tuareg mats are very decorative and feature geometric patterns, tassels, and embroidery.

The Tuareg is actually a nomadic people from the Sahara Desert, and they are known for their unique ways of weaving, such as using camel hair on their mats. These mats were traditionally used as cushions and blankets on their burros or camels. However, they are now being used as wall hangings and are often used in the home, too.

You can find Tuareg rugs in different sizes. Smaller rugs can be used as throw pillows, rugs, or mats. Larger Tuareg rugs can be placed on the wall or used as a rug. These mats are also used as prayer rugs in mosques.

What Makes Tuareg Mats so Distinct?

The Tuareg mats are classic Moroccan rugs that have been around for decades. The beautiful and unique patterns and colors of these rugs are what make them so sought-after.

Tuareg rugs were traditionally made by Tuareg people in the South of Morocco, but nowadays, they are crafted by both Tuareg and Berber weavers in Morocco. These rugs are made from goats, camel, and sheepskins.

What’s unique about the Tuareg mats is that they have a wide variety of colors. The colors that you can choose from are red, yellow, orange, black, and green. These colors are blended together in a very interesting and classic way. They also incorporate geometric and zoomorphic patterns in the design.

How to Take Care of a Tuareg Mat

Like any other Moroccan rug, you should take care of a Tuareg mat properly by vacuuming it often. But, since these mats are a little delicate and can easily be damaged, you should also handle them carefully.

When cleaning a Tuareg mat, you should use cold water to spot clean and vacuum it often. After vacuuming it, you can use a soft brush to get the rest of the dirt off of the mat. You should also regularly dust it.

Since the Tuareg mats are handmade, the material can be slightly different when you compare one rug to another. You should let the rug air for a day before using it. This will help remove any musty or strong smells.

You should also avoid using chemicals or harsh detergents when cleaning the Tuareg mats. Always make sure to clean them gently and carefully.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Tuareg mats are one of the best Moroccan rugs you can get. Their beautiful and intricate patterns are perfect for livening up your home. The colors are also very fresh and welcoming.

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