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  • Five great rugs that are made in Morocco

Five great rugs that are made in Morocco

The country of Morocco is rich in cultural diversity as well as history. Morocco is a nation that is famous for its globally regarded food, architecture, and especially their rugs.


                                  Atlas Mountains


While authentic handmade Moroccan rugs are highly appreciated as works of art, many people usually cannot identify what type of rug it is that they are looking at, whether it be a Moroccan rug or a completely different handmade rug altogether. Here are the many types of rugs that are produced in Morocco, and what separates them from the rest.

Beni Ourain

What may sound like a luxury fashion brand, Beni Ourain rather consists of a tribe that spans across the Middle Atlas Mountain range of Morocco. A Beni Ourain rug is made of pure sheepskin wool. These rugs are normally light tan in color festooned with Berber insignia. If you happen to come across a Beni Ourain rug that is turquoise or taupe in color, it is considered rare. These rugs are very popular due to their timeless look and minimalistic appeal. Among the notable Beni Ourain rug owners include famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who owned multiple rugs of this kind in his own outlandish Chicago home.


Azilal rugs have originated from central Morocco, in a province that goes by the same name. These rugs are made exclusively by Berber women. While they look like Beni Ourain due to their thick, plushy feel, the difference lies in the color. Azizal rugs will more than likely have artificial colored weaves that are woven into geometric shapes. The color of these wools comes from vegetable dyes. For a more lively, artistic version of a Beni Ourain rug, you would like to own an Azizal.


Kilims are normally associated with Balkan, Turkish, or Pakistani designers, but Morocco is another country that crafts beautiful rugs of this kind. Kilim rugs are flat woven, meaning that they are not as soft as similar woven rugs; they will appear thinner with no pile. While they are not the best to feel compared to other rugs, they are quite fascinating to look at with interesting designs and colors. Kilim rugs are compatible with many design decors and are very affordable as well. These rugs are not made to withstand foot traffic, however. They are rather used as fine art.


Unlike the other rugs in this article, Rabat rugs are more on the ritzy side of design. These rugs, despite their regal appearance, offer some of the brightest and most saturated colors of all the Moroccan rugs. They got their name from being crafted in Rabat, which is, in fact, the capital of Morocco. These rugs often feature a diamond motif in the middle, surrounded by a central area that is a uniform color of red, green, blue, or purple. The diamond center and borders are designed with elaborate, colorful, and elegant patterns that are nearly impossible with other handmade rugs. While these rugs are not as popular as they once were, they can still be found in the homes of Moroccan aristocrats and upperclassmen. As you can tell, these rugs are the priciest of all the Moroccan designs.


Like the Beni Ourain, these rugs originated from a tribe in the Middle Atlas Mountain range of Morocco. These are like the Beni Ourain with natural dyes, but the difference lies in the Boujad rug's use of pink, orange, and/or purple colors. These rugs also feature irregular geometric patterns where the appeal lies in the uniqueness and designer's native craftsmanship.