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  • How a Statement Rug Can Magically Transform Your Room

How a Statement Rug Can Magically Transform Your Room

Many people believe that statement pieces are limited to artworks and fixtures. However, one of the best ways to completely transform your room is by having a statement rug. Some homes with warmer color schemes will go for a Moroccan rug to enhance the room's colors. Others who want more loud shapes will opt for Berber rugs as their accent pieces. 

Statement Moroccan Rug


Having a statement rug can magically change your room's overall look and vibe by bringing all the elements in the room together. Unfortunately, just like choosing any accent piece, selecting the right statement rug may be a bit of a challenge. You want to make sure you have a carpet that will complement your room instead of making it look messy.

If you're thinking of transforming your room, adding a statement rug to enhance its features would be a fantastic idea. This article will give design tips on choosing the right statement rug for your room. 

Think of your room's theme

Throwing a statement rug on the floor won't give your room and the furniture in it any justice. What you need to do is figure out the vibe you want and what decorations you'll put in your room. This way, choosing a statement rug will be much easier.

For example, if you want an all-white, cloud-like room, you'll want to make sure your furniture is white with gold accents complemented by beautiful light fixtures. As for the rug, you can opt for an oversized and round fluffy rug to help transform your room into that vibe. 

Know what size of rug you need

The size of your rug matters because it helps balance the look of your room. This doesn't only apply to the rug's dimensions, but also to the designs of your rug.

For example, if you have loud and angular shapes in your rug, like in Moroccan rugs, you'll want to make sure it is complemented by furniture of the same color and smaller in size. This way, the rug’s busyness will work well with the subtle attributes of your smaller furniture, making it visually pleasing and balanced.

Having a more oversized rug in the middle of the room also gives you and your guest a visual cue that it is a common area. You can place couches and chairs on your rug so that you have a space for communal activities.

Create a mood board and inject your style

The great thing about statement rugs is that there is a wide range of sizes, designs, and types to choose from. Finding the perfect one that fits your style shouldn't be difficult. 

If your style is more vibrant and colorful, playing around with vintage Azilal rugs for your room will do the trick. If you're not too keen on putting these beautiful rugs on the floor, you can always hang them on the wall like a tapestry. It's a great way to give your statement rugs a twist!


Ideally, you want your room to be a representation of who you are. By following these tips, you'll be able to create a vision of how you want your room to feel and look like. Statement rugs can magically transform your space, especially when you find the right one that fits your style. If you're ready to give your room a new look, check out the different statement rugs in the market; you might find the perfect Moroccan rug for your room.

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