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  • How Do You Style and Design a Room with a Tuareg Rug

How Do You Style and Design a Room with a Tuareg Rug

It may be simple to classify a rug as such and nothing more. However, the truth is that the rug plays a huge role. This is especially true in relation to the design of a room.

Tuareg Rug


One type of rug that is quite popular nowadays is the Moroccan rug, specifically the Tuareg design. But how exactly do you style this type of rug so that it fits the room? In this article, we will list down the list of designs where you can utilize the Tuareg Rug.

  • Go Wooden

  • What is the best way to use a Tuareg mat than to surround it with similar materials? While the rug itself is not necessarily made from wood, but rather leather, it does look very similar. This is because the leather used for this rug is tougher and much more durable, making it look almost wood-like.

    So to match this tough look, you can go classic with other wooden things in a room. Go for wooden cabinets, wall fixtures, and more. Remember, wood also comes in colors other than brown and black, so you can make the room as colorful as you want. This will give you an earthy and natural vibe.

  • Blast to the Past

  • Many Tuareg rugs have a lot of geometric shapes on them as their patterns. Can you think of another decade that embraced irregular geometric patterns as furniture? That’s right: the 60s. You can create a whole 60s-inspired room surrounding the Tuareg rug.

    Try to go for a more simple, retro vibe. While some people may make the mistake of going for loud colors when they hear retro, you can actually be more rustic. Try to get minimalist furniture that complements the geometric patterns on the Tuareg rug but try to choose ones that aren’t too loud.

  • An Earthy Vibe

  • When we think of Moroccan rugs, we probably picture an earthy, rustic, and cabin vibe. It’s safe to say that this is probably the best style choice to go with the Tuareg mat. Even the recommendations mentioned before are linked with earthy and rustic vibes.

    However, the difference with this specific recommendation is that we don’t just mean going for wooden furniture or rustic colors. Rather, we mean to say to go for rustic everything. That includes pots, baskets, plants, and whatnot. Whatever you think is suitable for a cozy, rustic vibe, then you can easily place it in a room along with your Tuareg rug.

  • Be Stylish

  • This last recommendation may throw you off because it goes against every other recommendation here. While we do recommend going for an earthy vibe, you can also use a more stylish approach.

    Go for a more luxurious, high-fashion approach. Bring out the minimalist, but more glamorous furniture, just with a touch of fun, like small gold or glitter pieces or loud art on the wall. While this does break how Moroccan rugs are traditionally styled and it is one of the best, more modern, and unique styles you may ever see.


    Styling a specific rug can be difficult, but once you understand the elements that go with it, you will find it easier. Just remember to experiment to see what other styles will fit well with your new Moroccan rug.

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