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  • How to Decorate Your Home With Rugs: Our Simple Guide

How to Decorate Your Home With Rugs: Our Simple Guide

Rugs are an instant accent to a room that lacks excitement. They may seem a trifling detail for some, but they can actually make the room look really different. If you’re not sure how to decorate your home with rugs, allow us to help you. 

This article will be your guide in decorating your home with rugs. Don’t worry; the ways are just simple, so there’s no need to think that you can’t pull it off on your own.

Let’s get started! 

Moroccan Rug Decorate your Home

  1. Place It Somewhere That Needs Definition

Look around your home and see if there’s a space that’s quite boring. When we say boring, there’s not so much in there. Then, put a rug somewhere in that space just to add definition. Trust us, that area will not look the same as before since rugs can effectively define a space or separate areas. 

  1. Try to Create a Variety

When decorating with rugs, make sure to use different-sized rugs in a room to create a sense of variety. Just so you know, same-sized rugs can visually cut the room in two. Instead of giving the room an accent, you may unintentionally cut it if you place a same-sized rug. Only utilize same-sized rugs if you intend to really divide the space. 

  1. Ensure That You’re Decorating in Harmony

While you are allowed to create variety, you must remember that harmony is equally important. Ensure that all the rugs you place perfectly complement each other in style. Otherwise, the room will only look disoriented and visually unappealing. As much as possible, don’t put rugs with too many “warring” patterns in a room altogether because it’s not the best combination you can have. 

  1. Look for Inspirations

Don’t make it too hard for you. You can always look for inspirations, especially for the color scheme. If you’re unsure what color combinations work best, do some research and then incorporate it into your space. Use your favorite rug as the basis of the color scheme in a room. From there, you can search what color works best for that particular color, then buy the items or furniture that will complement the color of your rug. 

  1. Always Control the Volume

Let’s say your room has an upholstery or wallpaper with an ornate pattern. In that case, only choose a more subtle rug. Remember, rugs are there to create an accent to a room or turn up the volume as needed; they are not there to add an accent to a space that already has a focal point. If you combine loud style rugs with the loud accentuated room, it will only look scattered and messy. 

  1. Choose a Space That You Want Some Focus On

If you want to highlight a particular space inside your home, use a rug to create that focal point. It’s very effective in making an impact. However, you need to do it properly. One way you can do that is to create a contrast. For example, try painting your walls a hue that echoes one of your rug’s accent colors. That way, you’re creating contrast while still complimenting your rugs to the walls. 


Take advantage of this guide and work your way through decorating your home with rugs. It’s not going to be that hard now since you already know what you should consider and avoid. You can complete the look of your room by tying all different pieces together visually. Once you’ve successfully done it, your home will definitely be a hit to your family and future guests.

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