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  • How to Mix & Match Patterns and Colors for Your Rugs

How to Mix & Match Patterns and Colors for Your Rugs

When you wish to redesign your home’s interior because you recently realized you want your living room, bedroom, or any area in the house to look new, you could focus on buying rugs. However, take note that it won’t be easy to pick the perfect design, regardless of whether you love owning timeless pieces or going with the latest trends.


Moroccan Rug in Leaving room


Each piece of furniture you acquire must go well with each other, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to one design, pattern, and color the whole time. You can get creative and choose to mix and match pieces, all while evaluating if they can form a seamless interior design for your home.


Using rugs is a fun way to improve your home’s design. You can obtain rugs in various colors, designs, and shapes, so it can be tricky to match them up, especially if they’re Moroccan rugs. Keep reading below to find out ways to coordinate rugs to improve your personal space.


On Plain and Patterned Designs


If you have a neutral space, an easy way to enhance it is to add a patterned Moroccan woven rug to brighten it up and add life to an otherwise dull part of your house. Often, homes with walls painted with monochrome colors are easier to design because you can place various furniture and rugs with aesthetic styles and patterns well, and they won’t look out of place.


When selecting a rug, no matter the design you get, it instantly becomes the focal point of the room, attracting your guests to look at it the moment they step into the space. But if you had your walls painted a different color, while you can still opt for a patterned rug, you should have it within a similar color range or shade to preserve the monochromatic vibe.


On Primary and Accent Tones


Color plays a fundamental role in picking out the interior design of your space, specifically primary and accent colors. In fact, it plays a vital role in selecting the style of the Moroccan-woven rug you wish to purchase for your home.


Unfortunately, some rugs only go well when they are paired with specific colors, so the primary and accent colors involved in your room may not look aesthetically pleasing with them. Instead, the rug you select should have the primary or accent color of the color scheme of your room. Although the rug has a distinct design, so long as its color matches, you won’t have a problem.


On Big and Small Patterns


Mixing rugs with different patterns is a tough one because not all designs go together, so you must be more careful about your selections when redecorating your space. However, once you come up with suitable rugs, the results can speak for themselves.


For example, you want to consider getting vintage Moroccan Azilal rugs and atlas Berber rugs. One rule you should follow is getting them in different sizes, which means one should be bigger than the other. If a piece has bold and loud colors and patterns, the other should be the opposite and have less striking and minimal designs.




It’s exciting to shop for Moroccan runner rugs and figure out what goes well with your home. To guarantee the way you mix and match the colors and patterns works effectively, you should consider several points. Looking back at the tips above for pairing plain and patterned designs, primary and accent tones, and big and small patterns is necessary. That way, all your efforts won’t go to waste, and your home will look more beautiful than ever. 


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