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Moroccan Rugs: Why They Are a Must-Have

Moroccan Rugs: Why They Are a Must-Have

Rugs hold immense abilities as a design element given their outstanding beauty and functionality. Moroccan rugs, in particular, hold a richness of heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation.


The interior décor of a room is greatly influenced by the little but vital components which you can add to your space. One of the must-have pieces, which can instantly transform a dull room into one that is full of life and beauty, is rugs. These artistic pieces have for ages been a part of the vital essentials for many communities across the world. Defying the test of time and architectural changes which has influenced a lot of elements, rugs remain an integral part of any home.

Most homeowners today have their floors tiled or fully carpeted from wall to wall and think they do not have a space for rugs. This is quite the opposite as rugs play a role that cannot be duplicated by any other alternative home décor elements. The distinctive feature of rugs where they only cover a specified area of interest as opposed to carpets, which are meant for the entire floor, makes them an exciting piece for any room. In the bedroom, you can have a small rug right at the edge of the bed to add extra warmth to your setting. On the other hand, for sitting areas, you can have a large rug be the base upon which that classic table you bought rests.

The endless ways in which you can decorate your space with a rug can only be made better by acquiring a premium quality product. Keeping alive art that has always been a part of the traditional day-to-day living, the Moroccan Rug is a masterpiece that is second to none. Handcrafted by weavers who have learned the art from the preceding generations, each piece is made with great attention to details that cannot be achieved by any imitators. In the communities in Morocco, women have the role of making rugs a primary reason behind the delicate balance of color and style for the rugs.

Symbolism is of importance among the Berbers community as it allows for supernatural connections that go beyond physical borders. It is this very infinite rapport that is in-grained to their rugs which are artistic pieces that display creativity at its best. Fine lines and patterns that are simple in form but catchy to the eye are a part of these decorative rugs which perfectly fit in the modern spaces. In acquiring a Moroccan rug, you take more than just another product off the shelves but own a piece with a story for the world.

The simplest way to have the assurance that the piece you are about to purchase is a Moroccan rug is to inquire on its origin and materials used for the production. A reputable store strictly stocks pieces that come straight from Morocco and are made with natural spring wools and native dyes which give them a unique shade of color. A high-quality investment guarantees that the piece you buy will be durable and not easily fade even after years of use.