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  • Perfect Places for a Bedroom Rug : 6 Areas in Your Home

Perfect Places for a Bedroom Rug : 6 Areas in Your Home

A bedroom area rug may help divide areas of the space, but determining where to place these textiles can be tricky. A well-placed rug may add warmth and character to a room's color scheme. 

Rugs in practically any size are readily accessible and can fit various purposes to your interiors. Consider your rugs as a piece of practical art that you can enjoy while keeping them pleasant and functional. To use your rugs effectively, you should account for the layout and size of the rest of your rooms.


Here are six areas that are perfect for placing a bedroom rug:

  • Entryway

  • The entryway to your bedroom could be an excellent place to put a rug. This area can be the most traffic in your room. Area rugs in this area can be costly but last for several years. 

    Try going with a geometric pattern if you want to add a little character to your bedroom area rug. You can also try going with a black and white graphic for a more modern and chic feel.

    If your bedroom is small, try going with a large area rug covering most of the floor and your furniture. Large area rugs in small spaces can make the area feel roomier.

    If you want to add a pop of color to your bedroom area rug, try going with a bold pattern. Bold patterns are great for adding color to a room.

  • Bedroom and Dresser Cluster

  • If you want to create a slightly more intimate space, consider placing a rug between the bed and your dresser. This will create a lovely area where you can get dressed, and you can sit on the bed while tying your shoes while you're at it, too.

  • Dividing the Bed and the Window

  • Create space between your bed and the window using a bedroom rug. You could place your bed adjacent to the wall and have a rug that divides the wall and the bed. Doing so helps protect your floor in this area, too.

  • Around a Desk

  • It is good to lay a rug between the bed and the desk in your bedroom to define the spaces as separate. You can also place a rug in front of your desk to make the area feel more finished.

  • Under the Bed

  • Another popular area in the bedroom for a rug is under your bed. This is a great place to start if you don't have a lot of room to place a rug in. Besides solving your storage issues, it can also help keep the room warm and cozy.

  • Bathroom Area

  • If you want to create a bathroom area in your bedroom, you can use your bed as a divider. You can place the bed against one wall, and you can put a rug in the middle of the room to create a separate space between the bed and the bathroom. 

    You can also consider a bathroom area rug to help prevent spills and general wear and tear in your bathroom area.


    If you are looking for a room-defining piece to add to your bedroom area rug, try going with a black and white graphic that can bring a room together and make a place feel more modern and chic.

    A well-placed rug may add warmth and character to a room's color scheme. Placing rugs in practically any size is readily accessible to help enhance your bedroom.

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