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  • Taking Good Care Of Your Treasure - How to Clean Your Moroccan Rug?

Taking Good Care Of Your Treasure - How to Clean Your Moroccan Rug?

Traditional Moroccan rugs are handwoven by tribes, made specifically according to their customs and traditions. Each color combination and pattern have been passed down from generation to generation, religiously depicting their lives in a unique form of art. Although highly intricate in theory, these rugs are used in Moroccan homes as items of comfort and function, made to withstand the harshest conditions.

Moroccan Azilal Rug

The modern world has slowly embraced the undeniable charm of Moroccan rugs, and now it’s deemed as one of the most special interior design items in the world. Hailing in abundant colors and designs, there’s one for everyone. 

Although made to last for decades, such works of art also need to be well-taken care of. Unfortunately for many, proper Moroccan rug care remains to be elusive. Most people are under the impression that these rugs need to be shielded from every step, but they’re durable for a reason. If anything, they merely need to be kept free of debris and dirt, just to ensure that dirt never seeps through the fibers. Left alone, this can cause shedding.

The question now stands—how do you ensure that your Moroccan rug gets the proper care and treatment possible? We’ve gathered a quick and easy guide for you to follow:

Cleaning Method #1: Dust And Allergen Removal

For daily or weekly cleaning

The most crucial form of care is ensuring that no dust and debris remain in your rugs. Allowing them to settle can potentially affect the fibers, causing them to unravel as time passes. For a daily or weekly cleaning, consider vacuuming your rug. It’s best to use one without a beater bar, however, as this ensures that the fabric does not suffer from friction. Make sure to vacuum from side to side, and then flip it over to clean the backside.

For a more traditional method, however, take your rug outside and hang it. Once you ensure that it’s completely secured, continuously hit it with a broom handle to remove all the dust. Make sure that you’re far away from your home—dust will be flying everywhere!

Cleaning Method #2: Wash and Dry

For monthly deep cleaning

It may seem counterintuitive, but washing your rug in the washing machine is entirely possible. The trick is to remain as gentle as possible, ensuring that you only make use of cold water and mild detergent. It’s never advisable to chuck it in the dryer, however, so allow your rug to dry outside. The sun will be your rug’s best friend, but make sure to never allow it to bake in the scorching heat.

If you’re working with larger rugs, however, using the washing machine will be impossible. If you wish to clean it at home, gather a mild and natural detergent, and spread it outdoors for a hose down. You will need to allow some time to clean and rinse multiple times, so make sure to pack your patience and determination!

The Bottom Line

These cleaning methods are specifically designed to help you keep the integrity of your Moroccan rugs, but the frequency of cleaning will still be highly dependent on where you’ve placed your piece. High traffic areas will require you to clean them daily and weekly, but preventive measures will always serve you well. 

For this reason, never discount seeking the help of professional cleaners! Moroccan rugs are investments, after all—you’ll want them to stay with your family for the generations to come.

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