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Unearthing the Identity of Moroccan Rugs

The backbone of society lies in the need to tell stories, which can be done in numerous ways. Most partake in steady conversations, done in deep talks over coffee and campfires. Others resort to expressing themselves through woven words, while some prefer the art of capturing scenes through photos. The idea remains the same—we find it necessary to share a piece of ourselves with the world. 

Art also operates in the same way and can be done in various avenues such as songs, books, and even paintings. One of the most compelling forms of art comes from ancient techniques, though, one carefully created by hand. Heavily sought after by countless people around the world, Moroccan rugs hold magic unlike any other.

The majority of the world is captivated by the striking rugs of the Moroccan, but many remain unaware of the stories and tales behind them. Although they gained popularity in the modern age, these rugs date back to ancient times, where tribes crafted them to ensure survival. 

Morrocan rugs were made to protect families from harsh climates, be it the blazing heat or the freezing temperatures of the mountains. Weaving techniques depend on the climatic conditions, along with the patterns made. 

The designs all depend on the weaver, however, portraying their stories of love, protection, and spirituality—a form of art that is now revered by many. Here are some of the most popular ones, along with their distinct styles:

Azilal Moroccan Rugs
For the bold and striking

Azilal Moroccan Rug


Azilal rugs are well-known for their abstract patterns, heavily supported by vibrant color palettes. The combinations of colors make them look antique, and the texture serves as the perfect contrast against clean lines. Most people invest in Azilal rugs for a touch of vintage in a modern home, but they can also blend seamlessly into a home completely made of vintage decor. 

Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs
For the minimalist 

Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug


For those who enjoy simplicity and elegance, Beni Ourain rugs are a perfect choice. They come in neutral colors, which are broken by dark geometric patterns. These are the best statement pieces for any modern home, as they can blend well with clean lines and spaces. Despite their neutral colors, they also work well with bright decor and bold textures. 

Boucherouite Moroccan Rugs
For the collector

Boucherouite Moroccan Rug


For those seeking unique and artistic patterns, the Boucherouite rugs offer the best of all worlds. They are woven from various fabrics, which amplifies their state as a work of art. No rug can ever look the same, especially since the color palettes simply cannot be replicated. They can be hung on the walls or decorate the floor, but whatever your choice of use, the Boucherouite is a work of art simply worth investing in.

Invest In Woven Art And Culture 

From everything said and gathered, we can deduce that Moroccans truly value their traditions. Ancient techniques passed down from generation to generation are simply mind-boggling, especially in the modern world where everything can be made from machines. The true beauty of Moroccan rugs lies not in their designs, but in the depth and story each weave contains. With a Moroccan rug in your possession, your home will never look the same.

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