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  • Upkeep and Maintenance : How to Keep Your Morrocan Rug Fresh

Upkeep and Maintenance : How to Keep Your Morrocan Rug Fresh

Moroccan rugs are in demand all over the world due to their unique designs, unparalleled textures, and rich histories. They’re undeniably beautiful, a piece that can make any home look and feel warm and stylish. Due to their intricate patterns, however, it can be rather daunting to think about maintenance. They’re one-of-a-kind handmade pieces, after all, but cleaning them is easier than you might think. 

Moroccan Rug


Learning how to maintain these pieces can save you time and money, but ample preparation is necessary. You’ll want to first know which type of rug you have, and then carefully assess which cleaning method will work best. Washing and vacuuming may be the key to your success, but others merely just allow their rugs to bake in the sun, in the traditional Moroccan way. This allows dust and dirt to completely be removed.

When it comes to stubborn stains, however, a more thorough cleaning method is necessary. The fear of potentially harming the integrity of your rug is natural, but with this guide below, you’ll breeze through the process. Just keep the following things in mind:

The Material Consideration: What are Moroccan rugs made from? 

It’s easy to go ahead and just begin the process, but understanding what your rug is made from is paramount to keeping it safe and sound. The typical Moroccan rug is made from wool, with some cotton woven in between.

Wool can easily be compromised, and since these materials are the foundation of your rug, it’s best to take extra care as you clean. However, never let this information scare you away from performing the cleaning process. 

The Washing Method: Is it safe to wash Moroccan rugs?

Yes, you can definitely wash your rugs, but proceed with caution. This method should only be reserved for deep dirt and stains, and proper techniques must be followed at all times. This prevents damages from occurring, which can sometimes lead to irreversible damage. 

Never use the standard carpet cleaning solutions sold in grocery stores. Chemicals in these mixes are too harsh, which will damage the structure of the wool fibers. If you need to wash, it’s best to use a mild detergent first, done through spot cleaning. Spot cleaning small stains will also serve as a testing area, ensuring that no color will be running. 

That said, always remember to hand-clean your Moroccan rugs. Putting it in the washer and dryer will cause it to shrink, and the harsh process will also damage it beyond repair.

The Vacuuming Case: Is it safe to vacuum Moroccan rugs?

If you live in an area with little to no sun, vacuuming may be the best alternative to sun baking your Moroccan rug. It will keep dust and dirt away from your rug, but you must also vacuum with extreme caution. Make sure to remember the following items: 

  • Vacuum regularly to remove excess fuzz and dirt.
  • Never use a rotating bristle brush—this will cause your rug extensive damage.
  • Always use a stationary soft brush edge, which will gently clean your rug.

Keeping Your Morrocan Rugs Clean and Safe 

The idea of handling such an intricate piece can be terrifying, especially when it comes to Moroccan rugs. As they’re essentially regarded as art pieces, you’ll want to be as gentle as possible. 

Each pattern must be beautifully preserved, but stains and dirt will eventually find their way in. Fortunately, maintenance is easy—just keep the tips aforementioned and you’ll enjoy your Moroccan rug for years to come.

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