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  • What Is a Rug Pad and What Can It Do for Your Rugs

What Is a Rug Pad and What Can It Do for Your Rugs

When you invest in a gorgeous new Moroccan woven rug, you want to do your best to take care of this work of art in your home. As much as you can, you want to extend its lifespan so that you can enjoy its beautiful colors and textures for many years to come.

Caring for a Moroccan rug can be quite challenging, but there’s a simple product that can help you do it: a rug pad. What is it, and what can you use it for? Keep on reading to find out.

The Basics of a Rug Pad

To put it simply, a rug pad is placed underneath the area of your rug as a floor covering that can help protect both your flooring and your rug.

Rug pads protect and prolong your rug’s lifespan because it prevents a rug from having direct contact with the floor and all of the dust, dirt, and other particles it might encounter. It also ensures that your rug will lay flat so it won’t bunch up in its place.

Three Main Uses of a Rug Pad

Are you still contemplating whether you should buy a rug pad for authentic Moroccan rugs? Here are three main uses you can get from this accessory.

  1. Limit the Damage to Your Floors

Whatever the type of floor you have on the spot where you will place your rug, you should do your part in protecting it. Some rugs are designed with rough backings, and without another layer of protection, the rug might scratch the surface of your floor.

Aside from the potential for damage, some rugs might also transfer their colors to the floor as time passes, or the foot traffic over time might just bring abrasive wear on your floor surface. There’s also the possibility that a sharp object or a stone can be trapped underneath and mess up the rug, the floor, and injure someone who steps on it.

  1. Prolong the Lifespan of Your Rug

A rug pad can serve as a cushion between the rug and the floor, which will prolong its lifespan. This is especially important as the pad will protect your area rug from wear and tear over time, and it absorbs the impact of foot traffic whenever someone walks over.

The pad compresses and bounces the force back to take the strain off of the rug fibers. If you don’t have a rug pad to serve as a shock absorber, the fibers within the rug will eventually get crushed, and wear and tear will be much more noticeable over time.

  1. Avoid Slipping Incidents

Rugs and slippery floors don’t go well together as it can be quite an accident-prone area that can injure people who will pass by. Using a rug pad can ensure that you’ll be able to keep the area flat in one place and avoid having it slide around throughout the home.

You might think that placing heavy furniture on top of a rug is good enough, but in reality, the rug will just bunch up, and your chances of tripping over it will increase. A rug pad that keeps the entirety of the material in check will still be the best option if safety is what you are aiming for.

Final Thoughts

Moroccan rugs are more than just decorations for your home; they are colorful and unique works of art that elevate your home’s design. It’s understandable that you would want to keep them in your life for longer, so it’s best to avail of products that can help you extend its high quality and life.

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