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  • Why Do You Need to Lay a Moroccan Rug Over a Carpet

Why Do You Need to Lay a Moroccan Rug Over a Carpet

A Moroccan rug can make a great addition to any home, but can it be placed over a carpet? The short answer is yes—however, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, the Moroccan rug should be slightly smaller than the carpet it will be placed over. This will allow it to lay flat and prevent it from bunching up.

Second, the two rugs should have different colors or patterns. This will help create a more interesting and visually appealing look.

Finally, be sure to secure the Moroccan rug in place. This can be done with rug pads or by tacking it down at the corners.

A Moroccan woven rug may be a wonderful addition to any area in your house if you keep these suggestions in mind.



Why Do You Need to Lay a Moroccan Rug Over a Carpet?

It Is Less Expensive Than Replacing A Whole Carpet

Installing some sizable Moroccan area rugs is an excellent approach to updating the style while spending little money. If you don't like your home's carpet but lack the funds to replace it. What would occur if you ultimately decided to remove the carpet? You already own rugs that match the color and style of the space.

It Gives Kids' Spaces and Environs More Cushion

The children's rooms and bedrooms are where we choose to place Moroccan rugs over carpets in our houses since we want them to be as cozy and comfortable as possible.

It Is A Simple Way To Incorporate Color and Design

Do you believe that your room could benefit from a bit of extra energy? Just lay a fresh Moroccan area rug on the carpet to complete the project! With our vast selection of Berber carpets in a huge variety of patterns, colors, and designs, selecting a look, you'll enjoy that will be a magnificent addition to your house.

It Does A Great Job of Hiding Spills And Stains

Our area rugs are resistant to spills, stains, and high foot traffic! Consider using a rug to hide any remaining stains to give your space a new look.

How to Use a Moroccan Rug to Cover a Carpet

Locate The Size You Want

One of the most important first tasks is locating the appropriate Moroccan rug. You may find all the information you require on selecting the appropriate size in this blog post.

Consider The Color

Think about the colors used in the rest of the room, especially the carpet, before choosing a Moroccan rug. The fact that carpet typically comes in neutral tones is a given, but this isn't always the case. To make the area feel finished, pick a rug that will enhance rather than contrast the colors of the carpet.

Note That Moroccan Rug Looks Best With A Shorter Carpet

Shorter carpet piles will perform better, assist the rug lay flattest, and make it appear its best when placed over a carpet.

Use Carpet Tape or Heavy Furniture As An Anchor

To prevent accidents or falls, you must secure your area rug. Double-sided carpet tape, which you may get at your neighborhood hardware or home improvement store, should be used to secure the rug's underside in this manner. You can also bind the rug if it is positioned close to all the edges of a room with a lot of heavy furniture.


A Moroccan rug can be placed over a carpet! Since it can give a space added warmth and comfort, many individuals like to do this. It can also aid in shielding your carpet from deterioration. Just be sure to pick a rug that fits your area, enhances the color scheme of your room, and is the appropriate size and form for it.

As a leading provider of genuine Moroccan beautiful carpets, Atlas Weavers is an initiative for fair trade artisans. Buy Moroccan rugs today!