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  • Why Moroccan Rugs Are Perfect for Outdoor Design and Use

Why Moroccan Rugs Are Perfect for Outdoor Design and Use

Textiles have had a long history of gracing society with beautiful adornments and decorative elements while providing practical uses. One such example that has lived through the years is the Moroccan rug. 

Weaved by hand and showing a host of gorgeous designs traditionally created by the indigenous tribes of Morocco, these rugs have always been a testament to the quality and superior design both for aesthetic and technical purposes.

With the durability of Moroccan rugs, you may be wondering how well they work as outdoor rugs. The quick answer: extremely well. A well-made piece will hold up against the elements. To truly appreciate their craftsmanship, one might want to peer into the way they are seen across different cultures and uses.

Atlas Moroccan Rug

Moroccan Rugs and the Mountains 

Despite the unique design being the modern highlight often noticed by buyers, Moroccan rugs were created out of necessity. In the cold Atlas Mountains, there was a demand for textiles that could help them navigate the harshest weather conditions.

Rugs were woven with more than one purpose in mind, with many using them as both blankets and sitting areas depending on the need. For special events, these rugs would also be carried and then used. It’s come a long way in terms of being a display item. 

Weaving for the Desert

These were not just relegated to the coldest climates and weather, though. More rugs would be created with lighter weaving for the purpose of protecting individuals from the heat of sun-exposed sand. In long stretches of sand and heat, it can be a godsend to have a place to sit comfortably. 

Woven rugs also thrive in the summer, even being used as waypoints for big events and social gatherings. 

Traditional Uses

Moroccan rugs have served a purely decorative function at many an event or place, but their traditional use is richer. Different rugs are woven in various ways. Not every rug is flat-woven, and you’ll even see knotted and pile counterparts.

Berber tribes take pride in being the originators of dynamic rug creation. For many indigenous peoples, these rugs served as saddle covers, blankets, body adornments, and even shrouds for burial rites. That is, of course, aside from obvious functions like floor covering. 

How We See it Today

Today, you can see a nice Moroccan rug sprawled out with any modern exterior. They are great decorative additions with a purpose and can also be fun to collect.

You will find that many rugs differ in thickness and design depending on which region they came from. Tribes in both colder and warmer parts exist, so they will create their rugs accordingly to match their constant weather conditions.

You can create a great visual layout with the right use of rugs. In fact, you can even style it in various ways to match a specific design you have in mind. Today, individuals with this rug will usually keep it as a staple, but it also serves many purposes like ground cover, protecting your paneling, and keeping things clean. 


Moroccan rugs are very useful to have at home. Perhaps more importantly, though, they are also some of the most beautiful rugs you’ll see. It’s perfect for decorative needs, especially when trying to spruce out your outdoor areas. 

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