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  • Why Your Home Needs the Magic of Moroccan Rugs

Why Your Home Needs the Magic of Moroccan Rugs


Moroccan rugs are well-loved by many, particularly interior design enthusiasts, and for good reason—more than just vintage beauties, each piece has a story to tell. The Berber rugs are imbued with undeniable character, while Beni Ourain rugs are made with warmth and coziness in mind. Handmade and culturally significant, these Moroccan rugs are undeniably unique and beautiful. 

Most of these rugs are done by Moroccan women in their free time, and the process can take from anywhere between days and months, all dispensing on the size, complexity, and time availability. Each design reflects the respective tribe’s lives, used as capes, blankets, beds, and even floor coverings, making it the perfect accent to any space.

If you’re not fully convinced  just yet, or just wish to learn more about Morrocan rugs before investing, ponder on the why people love these artisanal rugs so much:

A variety of options are available

Moroccan rugs can either be woolly or canvas-like, depending on the tribe it has originated from. Beni Ourain rugs, for example, are woolly, thick, and warm. They are made by the nomads living in the desert, designed to keep them warm during the harsh winter months. They’re most often used as floor coverings, which keeps snow away from their spaces. These traditional Berber rugs make use of both knitting and weaving, imbued with techniques passed from generation to generation. 

Azilal rugs, on the other hand, are regarded as pieces of art made by rural women in the Azilal region. These rugs serve as the canvas of her life story, depicting birth, motherhood, wedding, and even traditional tribal life. They use techniques quite different from the Berbers, as their rugs are shorter but equally comfortable and soft. 

Green materials and processes 

Given the tribal way of life and origins of the rug, Moroccan rugs are made from the finest materials—those supplemented by Mother Nature herself. Authentic high-quality rugs are made from silk, sheep’s wool, and other fibers. No chemicals or synthetic dyes are used to color these beautiful rugs, either, so they are safe not only for the environment but for your home. 

Bear in mind that since these rugs are still made traditionally by hand, they’re made to last—possibly even accommodating your grandchildren’s grandchildren! That said, make sure to purchase authentic Moroccan rugs. 

Unique pieces of art 

The best thing about Moroccan rugs is that they’re essentially pieces of art. Passed from generation to generation, the techniques used to create these rugs are unparalleled. Preparing and stitching cannot be found or recreated anywhere else, which is why each design uniquely captures the essence of Moroccan culture. Each design and embroidery resembled that of a painting, with colors used from color extracts derived from plants and other natural materials. 

These rugs also reflect life and meaning, one that sheds light on an aspect of human life not many have access to in the modern world—the unique relationship between man and nature. If you wish to invest in a Moroccan rug, understand that you’ll be holding a piece of art, one that provides you with more than just a centerpiece.

Beautiful Moroccan Rugs For Your Home

From everything said and discussed, it’s no wonder that the world is currently obsessed with Morrocan rugs. Made with authenticity and meaning, investing in these rugs offer more than just another decor piece for your home—they send you into a world unknown, one that speaks about culture, tradition, and of course, nature’s best. 

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