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  • Yes, Tuareg Mats Give a Vintage Vibe, but Will They Last?

Yes, Tuareg Mats Give a Vintage Vibe, but Will They Last?

Tuareg mats are one in the wide range of traditional Moroccan rugs, reflecting another aspect of the diversity of old traditional artisanal charming and unique living styles. They are known for their vintage look and authentic charm that complements the great history of nomadic Saharian culture.

But is that all? Are they all just about the looks?

When buying a carpet for your living room, you'll want to think about durability just like you would when buying a couch or a coffee table. After all, this is an investment that will appreciate if properly maintained.

If you're considering incorporating these serene works of art into your home, this article may be just what you're looking for. Continue reading to find out what Tuareg mats are and why they are a must-have interior decor item.

Tuareg Mats Look Pretty 

If you've decided to buy a Tuareg mat, you've undoubtedly already planned out your interior design. You already know where it'll go and which piece(s) it'll go with. And it's at this time that you could become perplexed. Don't worry if you do. Soon, it'll be enthusiasm, adoration, and finally, appeasement!

Every Tuareg mat has its personality. Each one has its character, but they all share one thing in common: joy!

It's always a joy to have one of these mats in the heart of your home, whether it's a huge, medium, or little one.

They Come from Natural Elements and Products

The Tuareg carpet, sourced from tribes in the Mauritanian Sahara, exudes an exotic, wild beauty with its diverse symbol designs, patterns, and motives, all of which have strong connotations. It is a handcrafted masterpiece with natural ingredients and goods, constructed of palm tree fiber and weaved with leather, resulting in a great combination and deep connection to the homeland.

And They Have a Pretty Rich History

The Tuareg mat, embellished with tribal motifs and symbols that attract the eye and characterize the identity and geographic belonging of sub-Saharian African tribes, is regarded as a native treasure. Each region of Morocco has a history that you can trace via its various rugs, which is what makes the Moroccan rug such a sought-after aesthetic treasure.

Tuareg mats are pieces of symbolic artwork with deep meanings and details, hand-crafted with precision. The process of making them is a touch of the history of generations of nomadic tribes, and each step can narrate a story of identity.

And, Yes, They Are Durable, Too

Tuareg mats have traits that appeal to those who value durability when purchasing furniture. These stunning rugs have become synonymous with toughness. There are two elements at work here: The toughness of the materials and the weavers' quick fingers. These mats are endowed with the ability to withstand life's arduous demands thanks to reed and leather weaving processes.

The mats you use as interior decor to your home now are originally designed to resist and withstand the harsh Saharian weather. With this in mind, you will feel more comfortable using the material that will last longer than you think. Plus, you will be more connected with the bohemian style mixed with a natural dark brown that matches the authentic patterns of the rug.

Tuareg Mat is What Your Interiors Need!

These Moroccan rugs are not only a feast of the eyes but also long-lasting, so they should have a spot in your home. Start looking for the mat that is the best match for you.

At Atlas Weavers, we have something for everyone. We offer a wide selection of quality Tuareg mats that will suit various living spaces. Shop from our collection today and enjoy free shipping on all orders!