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  • 3 Most Common Rug Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

3 Most Common Rug Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Rugs are a vital part of our home, serving as a subtle yet valuable part of the decor. While many homeowners rely on more oversized furniture and ornaments to adorn their homes, some people choose rugs to make a statement, particularly one that will bring out the beauty of their home in surprising ways.

Authentic Moroccan rug


Unfortunately, people often make mistakes with their rugs that seem harmless and unnoticeable at first glance yet end up being disadvantageous to the overall appearance of their indoors. They are all honest mistakes, of course, since rugs are a bit tricky to work with when managing aesthetics, but they are also avoidable.

If you want to invest in rugs soon, take note of the common rug mistakes and the different ways to avoid them—all listed below:

  • Placing Them Directly on the Floor

  • It doesn’t matter what your floors are made of. Whether they’re made of wood, cement, or tiles, you should not place rugs directly on their surface. Don’t get us wrong—there are no errors to be made in placing your rugs on the floor, but some rug designs may not suffice when it comes to accentuating your floors. 

    You may need to play something underneath them to accomplish a layered form of aesthetic. Carpets and other rugs are an excellent way to mix and match colors, but make sure to lay them out flat, or you will create a walking hazard in the process.

  • Buying the Wrong Rug Size

  • As with all works of art, size can matter. Buying a wrong-sized rug may be disadvantageous since it may either be too big or too small for the placement that you are trying to achieve. Measure your floor space and choose a rug that will complement it properly. 

    If you wish to apply the first pointer, buy a couple of smaller rugs and layer them on top of one another, making sure that they are all placed flat with no creases. You may also choose a bigger one to take up the whole space, though that will only result in you having one option to place in that spot.

  • Buying a Rug at the Wrong Time

  • People often buy a rug late into the decoration process, hoping to arrange their furniture and wall decors first before tending to their floors. The thing is, you don’t have to wait until the end to buy a rug—you can decorate your floors simultaneously with the other parts of your home. 

    Just make sure that the colors you will use will complement and emphasize the beauty of your indoors and that no decor overpowers the other!


    It is not uncommon for people to make mistakes with their rug choices. The most important thing is that they will learn from it and choose the right type of rugs the next time around. 

    Knowing how to choose the best rugs for their house will save them time and help them practice their designing skills and aesthetics instincts in the process, bringing out the best of their home.

    With these tips in mind, you are now ready to choose the correct rugs for your home! Our fine collection of authentic Moroccan rugs here at Atlas Weavers are some of the best that you can find in the market today. Contact us if you have a specific size or design in mind—we’ll guide you to the right one!