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  • Unsure How to Decorate With Kilim Rugs: Here Are Some Ideas

Unsure How to Decorate With Kilim Rugs: Here Are Some Ideas

Kilim rugs have recently taken off and become a trendy accent piece in Western interior decoration. These Moroccan rugs have many cousins in different parts of the world—there are kilim rugs from the Balkans, the Middle East, Northern India, Pakistan, and Central Asia.

Kilim Rug


Kilim rug-making is a highly regarded folk art; these rugs are handmade, and their designs are completed using organic vegetable dyes. A kilim rug adds visual interest to any space—its beautiful, unique patterns can change a room’s aesthetic. It can even serve as a focal point; you can hang a kilim rug as a wall tapestry. 

If you’re wondering how to incorporate a kilim rug in your home décor, look no further. We have rounded up ways you can use a kilim rug to spruce up different areas in your home—keep reading to get inspired!

Give Your Room a Splash of Color

Kilim rugs are perfect for adding color to neutral-toned kitchens. It also makes standing and prepping food a little more comfortable because the plushness of these rugs provides a little warmth and cushioning for your feet.

Choose a rug with a dark background if you’re concerned about staining from food particles. It’s relatively easy to wash a kilim rug. For dry dirt, you can use a broom or a vacuum. Meanwhile, if you need to get wet particles out, you can scrub the rug over gravel or grass. Never wash your rug over tiles or in a washing machine, as it’ll cause the colors to bleed and the wool to fray.

You can also use kilim rugs in your living room. A well-chosen rug can elevate your space and change its atmosphere. Alternatively, you can create a rustic vibe with a jute rug and matching accessories—it’s all up to you!

Layer Your Kilim Rugs for Texture

Don’t limit yourself to using one rug per room—you can layer Moroccan rugs and create unexpected combinations. Having three or four rugs in complementary colors is perfect; you can use more for larger rooms. 

A tip for creating combinations: use ones in the same color family with different patterns. Keep in mind that the rugs should have the same “visual weight,” and be in the same style.

Use Kilim Rugs for DIYs and Small Spaces

If you have an old bench, pillows, or a chair that needs an upgrade, a kilim rug is your best bet. It’s easy to use this type of rug for a quick DIY. Remember to pick a rug that matches your interiors’ color palette and style. Alternatively, you can choose a vibrant rug, especially if your room leans toward muted, monochromatic tones.

Kilim rugs are also great for brightening up nooks and small areas like bathrooms and bedroom floors. Just make sure to choose a rug smaller than the floor area—you want an accent piece, not carpeting!


A kilim rug is an all-around piece that can give any room depth and make it more interesting. Beyond making your home look beautiful, buying this kind of floor covering means sharing the history and heritage of another culture. If you want to be intentional about the things you bring into your home, you won’t go wrong with buying an organic, fair trade kilim rug.

Atlas Weavers is your premier source of Kilim Moroccan rugs. We aim to preserve the Berber heritage and traditional weaving techniques by supporting the artisan weaving communities that produce these rugs. Browse our catalog or contact us to learn more!