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  • 3 Undeniable Reasons to Get a Moroccan Rug for Your Home

3 Undeniable Reasons to Get a Moroccan Rug for Your Home

The minimalist interior movement has taken the world by storm—with clean lines and little to no decor, a minimalist house became everyone’s dream home. There are others, however, who crave the opposite. With maximalism coursing through their veins, their homes need color and culture woven in between their spaces. Some others, still, wish to float in a steady balance of maximalism and minimalism.

If you’re one of those who wish to add interest to a room but uncertain as to where to begin, the best place to start is at the bottom. A rug, for instance, instantly transforms a space’s atmosphere.

One of the best possible choices out there is a Moroccan rug, which is handwoven by the people of Morocco. Each rug is unquestionably unique, bringing color and texture to even the simplest of rooms. There’s a variety of colors and textures to choose from, but today we talk about why you need one for your home:

1 - They’re highly versatile

Moroccan rugs come in various forms and sizes, but the best ones on the market are the Beni Ourian rugs. They’re regarded as the most prestigious, using neutral color palettes, simple geometric shapes, and an extremely soft texture. Even the minimalist would want these rugs in their rooms.

If you’re looking to mimic the Scandinavian or Nordic cozy cottage, a Moroccan rug is an accent piece you shouldn’t miss. A bohemian style will also work well with these rugs, as some rugs come with diamond shapes in dark hues of black and brown.

While the motifs may seem woven loosely, the unfinished and imperfect look is what makes Moroccan rugs extremely beautiful. Each imperfection is made with a purpose, expressing a story that works well with any style.


2 - They’re imbued with history

Moroccan rugs didn’t just come from anywhere—the intricate styles come with history, as these woven masterpieces date back centuries. Roving Berber tribes who inhabit the Atlas Mountains have developed the weaving style for these rugs, taking inspiration from their surroundings. Through them, the atlas Berber rug was born.

The Beni Ourain, on the other hand, came from 17 tribes that make a living through sheep herding. This is where they gathered high-quality wool for their rugs, which is perfect for warmth preservation and protection for harsh sands and winds.

Through their colorful histories and excellent quality, you’ll deduce that purchasing a Moroccan rug is an investment. You’re not just buying home decor—you’re buying history, culture, and craftsmanship, one where you can hand down to the next generation.


3 - They’re classic and timeless pieces

Moroccan carpets have been the favorite for years. They remain to be at the forefront of interior design, as their elegance and quality remain to be unmatched. Because of the quality of wool used, these rugs are dirt-resistant and easy to clean.

Their handwoven designs are made from centuries-old techniques, so they’re not one to unravel easily. They also exhibit structure and durability, so they’ll remain in your collection for years to come. So long as you invest in authentic Moroccan rugs, you won’t find the need to purchase any more!



Your home is a place of comfort and personal style, so you’d naturally want to make it pleasing to all senses. Decorating can be tricky, however, especially since purchasing decor means you need to consider how well they work together.

By purchasing a Moroccan rug as your centerpiece, you’ll find your spaces drastically different. They offer luxury and elegance, along with comfort that’s definitely worth investing in.

We offer authentic Moroccan rugs, directly from the weavers. We make sure that our rugs tell stories and showcase our culture. For custom orders and long-lasting pieces, reach out to us today!