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  • 5 Steps to Clean Your Moroccan Rug Properly - Our Guide

5 Steps to Clean Your Moroccan Rug Properly - Our Guide

The beauty of Moroccan rugs is that they are products of centuries-old traditions. They’re made with the finest grade of spring wools, native dyes, and herbal washes, making them a great addition to your living space.


As a new rug owner, you naturally want to keep it clean and looking brand new. With this, learning how to clean the material can save you lots of money and added costs. After all, dropping it at your professional cleaner regularly can be quite expensive, not to mention the fact that some commonly used cleaning chemicals may have an unpleasant effect on the dyes of your rug. 


In this article, we will share five practical steps to cleaning your Moroccan rug properly:


  1. Clean stains first


Before proceeding to wash your rug, first work on cleaning spills or stains. In case you spilled your beverage or other liquids on it, apply paper towels on the spot, and then apply baking soda to help absorb it. After this, proceed to vacuum it. 


For tougher stains, apply a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to the affected area. For pet stains, soak the spot with vinegar and cold water using a spray bottle. Let the mixture sit for at least ten minutes and then dry it.


  1. Remove excess dirt


Remove excess dirt from your rug by taking it outside and beating it really well. You should see the dust particles come off as you do this. Afterward, you can start vacuuming the material. For more thorough cleaning, vacuum along its short width and go back and forth slowly. 


Although these steps can be time-consuming, this is necessary before you can make the rest of the cleaning process easier and more effective.


  1. Soak the rug completely


At this point, you will need to soak it wet using a power washer or a hose. Expect that the fabric will be quite heavy when wet, so have a tall ladder or any object high enough to hang the rug vertically.


Then, soak it completely by letting the water run from top to bottom. When you do this, the dirty water will be able to come off the rug easily.


  1. Clean dark spots with a scrub brush


Use a good scrub brush to clean dark spots, and check its back to see if anything is stuck there. As you scrub, do not forget to spray on your rug continuously. If you think that you need to clean it further, use a gentle soap. However, remember that using soaps on fabrics that are dyed, especially Moroccan rugs, may cause the dye to discolor or fade. If you only need to treat a certain spot, it may be a safer way to do spot cleaning than using soap on the entire surface.


  1. Dry your rug well


Once you’re done, let it remain hanging vertically for around 30 minutes to allow the excess water to run off. You can squeeze it to help expedite the drying process, but make sure to leave it under direct sunlight. Then, make sure it is completely dry before you bring it back inside your house.



Preserving your precious Moroccan rug requires much care and effort on your part. However, if you are not confident with cleaning it by yourself, consulting with professional rug cleaners will be your best option!

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