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  • 4 Kinds of Moroccan Rugs to Consider for Decorating Your Space

4 Kinds of Moroccan Rugs to Consider for Decorating Your Space

Homeowners thinking of redesigning their space can consider various ways to improve their interior design. One very simple and easy way to approach this effort would be to replace your living room carpet.

A widely known rug that you can consider using is the Moroccan rug. This intricately-patterned swath of fabric is well-loved within the carpet community because it highlights variation and uniqueness. As such, if you want your home to display one-of-a-kind furnishings, then you can never go wrong with Moroccan decor! 


At present, Moroccan woven rugs continue to make a name for themselves in the market. If you’re looking to get some for your own, keep reading below to find out about the different kinds so that you can start planning your home remodeling project. 


Azilal Moroccan Rug

 Azilal Rug

Azilal rugs come from the High Atlas Mountains and are regarded for their bright and striking colors that form uneven shapes. They are made from natural wool fiber that is single-knotted and low-piled to highlight shorter and tighter fabric loops.


The rug’s base involves a natural wool color to maintain its true form, while its abstract designs are made from dyed wool fibers. Vintage Azilal rugs are best known for showcasing art based on the regional life of Azilal women, including birth, maternity, marriage, and farming. 


Boujad Moroccan Rug

 Boujad Moroccan Rug

Boujad Moroccan Rugs come from the Haouz region’s central plains and boast a lively finish. Their colors involve pink, orange, red, and purple with geometric-shaped patterns. The rugs are made from natural wool fibers and are colored with organic dyes from vegetables and fruits.


Boujad rugs never have the same pile height—which thus highlights just how unique each piece is! You can choose from a flatweave or high-pile, but it will be based on the symbols and stories designed on each rug.


Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug

 Beni Ouarain Rug

Deriving from the Middle Atlas Mountains, home to seventeen Berber tribes known as Beni Ourain, these Moroccan Rugs are made from wool sheared from a unique breed of sheep they raised themselves. The Beni Ourain rugs offer a design filled with straight, zig-zag, and diamond-shaped geometric patterns.


If you’re interested in monochrome colors, the rugs come exclusively in black or brown, while their base maintains a natural shade of cream or white. They also contain various symbols that involve Talismans and other representations of the Berber tribe. 


Beni Mguild Moroccan Rug

 Beni Mguild Moroccan Rug

Beni Mguild rugs come from the Middle Atlas Mountains as well, and they differ from other Moroccan rugs because they are thick-piled and more luxurious as compared to the rest. They feature bright colors woven using vertical knots to highlight their distinct designs.


Their patterns involve different shades of reds, purples, browns, and blues, beautifully matching the tones of summer and winter, along with their thick and soft material. You can choose to turn the rug over to use its flat side for the summers and revert it to its warmer side come the winter season.




Now that you have a better idea of some of the popular Moroccan rugs, you may want to consider purchasing vintage Moroccan Azilal rugs, Boujad rugs, Beni Ourain, or Beni Mguild. Depending on your taste and preference for loud or soft colors, you can rest assured knowing that you have plenty of options to choose from to beautify your home and let the designs speak for themselves.

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