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  • Tips on How You Can Best Store Your Rugs and Carpets

Tips on How You Can Best Store Your Rugs and Carpets

There is a common misconception that rug storage is rather complicated. Most people tend to just roll up their rug and stash it away somewhere, or something similar. In reality, it's just a matter of simply following very easy steps. Rugs and carpets alike benefit greatly from proper storage, which helps the integrity of these items to last. That comes in particularly handy for the likes of a beni ourain rug.

When area rugs are not stored correctly, they can attract pests, have undesirable odors accumulate, and end up losing their shape. If you own a Moroccan rug, that last factor can be a particular cause for concern. Both rugs and carpets can still take up quite a bit of space even after being wrapped, rolled, and placed in a storage area.

Moroccan Rug Andalousia


Here are some tips on how you can best store your rugs and carpets: 

Have the rug tightly rolled before you put it away

The worst thing you can do is fold a carpet or a rug. If you fold it, it could possibly end up with cracks, creases, and various other similar damages. As you roll the carpet, make sure that it becomes an even cylinder. Make sure you determine which side of the rug is more fragile in the first place. Once you've decided between the pile where the fibers are or the backside, roll the rug with that part facing in. By default, the pile is more delicate than the back.

Keep the rug protected from insects such as moths

If the area rug you plan to store will be put away in an attic, basement, or garage, protect it from insects such as moths. There are insect and moth repellents available on the market that were designed specifically for fabrics. 

Make sure that the rug is cleaned thoroughly

It's key to start the process of storing your rug with a good vacuuming. Ensure that the vacuum is of high quality so that you are able to lift as much microscopic particles, such as dander and dust, as possible. Exercise particular caution with area rugs that are of higher value. The weaving on these is usually quite delicate, which can get damaged if you're not careful.

Only after the vacuuming should you start to follow the instructions of the manufacturer for cleaning. These can usually be found on the label, so make sure to check that out. There are various methods applicable to certain rugs, since the materials and make can differ. 

When you roll, keep it straight

The best way to keep a rug straight as you roll is to use a rod. There are rods made specifically for this purpose, but a thick curtain rod or a wooden dowel work just as well.


Storing a rug and/or carpet is not just a matter of haphazardly rolling it up or, worse, folding it. You should never fold a rug or carpet. The entire process only seems complicated, but all that needs to be done is have it cleaned, roll it up with the more delicate side facing inward, and make sure that the roll is straight. That way, the quality of your rug or carpet lasts for a long time.

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