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  • How to Improve a Room's Aesthetic With a Moroccan Rug

How to Improve a Room's Aesthetic With a Moroccan Rug

Decorating a room can be fun, especially if you’re just putting in new furniture. And while vases and framed photos look great on tables and walls, there is one area that you shouldn’t leave out: the floor. Rugs are an essential floor accessory that can perfectly tie the room’s aesthetic when choosing the right ones. When in doubt, go with the classic yet elegant choice of a Moroccan rug.


Moroccan Rug


With different types of Moroccan rugs to choose from, you need to determine what kind you want to see on the kind of floor you have with your furniture’s color scheme. Here is a simple guide to choosing the best Moroccan rug for your room:

Choose an Azilal Rug for a Pop of Color

Azilal Moroccan rugs are made from raw sheep’s wool mixed with dyed wool and are woven in alternating patterns of a single knotted line with one or two braided lines. Many designs created in the Azilal rug collection are full of color, perfect for dull floors or rooms requiring a statement piece. The material is also warm and soft, which are ideal for cold floors in chilly weather. 

There are also Azilal rugs with an artsy and creative vibe, which would appeal to those with an eclectic sense of style. With patterns, shapes, and beautiful color schemes, they go well in modern homes with an appreciation of the arts.

Use Kilim Rugs to Make the Room Look Bigger

Kilim Moroccan rugs originated from the Persian Empire and are known for their hand-woven patterns. More often than not, they use geometric patterns—the most common being diamond and similar shapes. Many Kilim rugs also feature line patterns, giving the room an illusion of being broader and bigger than it is. 

The Kilim rug is very colorful, but it does come in neutral shades and colors. Depending on the pattern on them, they can provide a nice contrast to a classic modern style. They can also suit a more unconventional style. Either way, they are made for people who appreciate the craftsmanship of patterns and colors coming together to create a magnificent centerpiece for the room.

Simple Moroccan Rugs can Blend With Any Floor

The classic Moroccan style rug collection consists of neutral colors and soft materials. These may be common, but there’s nothing wrong with having an appreciation for the classics. Whichever Moroccan rug in this style can go with any room with any floor surrounded by any sort of furniture and decoration. 

Why Moroccan Rugs Are the Top Choice of Home Design

When the quality matches with the beauty, it’s hard to pass up an excellent Moroccan rug. With so many styles to choose from, these versatile rugs will fit exactly the way you want them. They can draw your attention directly, highlight the floors under it, and change how we perceive a room as we enter.


Nothing enhances a floor better than a nice Moroccan rug. They have been centerpieces for many stylish living room features in every interior design magazine for years. No matter what your home is like, you will indeed find a rug that best suits your floors and goes with the entire room. 

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