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  • Keeping the Culture Alive - Understanding Tuareg Mats

Keeping the Culture Alive - Understanding Tuareg Mats

The Moroccan desert is a sight to behold, which is why millions of tourists have marked it as a top destination. The heart of its deserts come with unique hot air, and the feeling of sand between your fingers can bring both a sense of freedom and tranquility, with just a hint of healthy fear. Nomads of various tribes walk along with the expansive mass with camels, painting the desert like an expensive masterpiece.  

One of the best ways to solidify this experience is through purchasing authentic Moroccan rugs. The Tuareg mats, in particular, exist as symbols of life. They support the specific lifestyle and culture of the Tuareg people, who use these woven pieces as furnishings in their homes. More than just beautiful pieces, they represent tradition and Moroccan culture, something which you can allow your home to showcase.

Investing in such a rich and timeless piece of culture requires proper understanding and knowledge. To learn more about Tuareg mats, here is a quick dive into its origins and materials. 

The Origins 

Tuareg mats come from the Sahara Desert and Mauritania, where life is dictated by a hot and dry desert climate. Living conditions can be rather difficult in such harsh conditions, but it remains to be a place of exchange, anywhere from gold, spices, ideas, and even culture. 

In these seemingly barren lands live the Tuareg tribes, who are characterized by their nomadic lifestyle. Their traditions are reflected in the wisdom of their mats, woven with keen insight and unmatched durability. Due to the harsh living conditions, these mats are made with longevity in mind, used to cover wood, stone, and tile floors. 

The Anatomy of a Tuareg Mat

Tuareg mats are known for their incredibly intricate patterns and symbols, all of which narrate the story of the weaver. These mats depict the story of their lives, where each detail of their daily reality can be seen. As such, these artistic pieces are the perfect method of cultivating history and culture, as these Moroccan rugs have the ability to connect the past with the present. 

As a native treasure, Tuareg mats are every textile lovers’ dream come true. They are both elegant and stylish, made with natural elements of palm tree fiber and leather. They also come in vibrant colors and unique designs, all of which not only represent the tribe but Morocco as a whole. Each color and geographical pattern depict stories untold, made to last for generations to witness. 

No two rugs are alike, so expect to own a piece uniquely your own. You can gather new or vintage Tuareg rugs, and their artisan nature remains—so long as they are handmade from natural elements, your Tuareg rug will continue to be a cultural statement. 

Owning a Piece of Treasure 

With powerful motifs and weaving techniques, the Tuareg rug is a piece worth investing in. It goes beyond just its carpet function, as each fiber makes up an incredible piece of history and art. You’ll be owning a piece of culture, and by doing so, you allow the Tuareg to thrive. Use it to adorn your home as the tribe would, and make sure that their stories live on.

For authentic Moroccan rugs like the Tuareg mats, Atlas Weavers is the place to go. We are a fair trade artisan project, and we’re now a premier supplier of authentic Moroccan rugs. Offering you handmade pieces of love, passion, and culture, we intend to keep the Moroccan culture alive and thriving. Own a piece of art and history—order from us today.