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  • The Artistic Touch of Tuareg Mats - Why Your Interior Needs It?

The Artistic Touch of Tuareg Mats - Why Your Interior Needs It?

Tuareg Mats have steadily been gaining popularity in the interior design landscape, mostly known for their variety, versatility, and authenticity. As handmade pieces, Moroccan rugs are naturally imbued with a charm that continues to enhance millions all over the world. Each rug comes with history and culture, supported by creativity, passion, and a strong connection to nature. These components make a stunning piece of art, which many fall in love with. 

Since interior design embraces the bold, quirky, and unique, one of the crowd favorites is Tuareg rugs, a branch of Moroccan rugs. These mats are made from reed and leather, woven by the Tuareg people of North-West Africa. 

With geometric and woven symbols to decipher, no two rugs are ever the same. The leather material exudes an elegant yet rustic feel, which is a perfect touch to the modern home. If you wish to learn more about these quiet pieces of beauty, here’s a quick guide for you. 

Tuareg Rug

Tuareg Mats: The Art and Soul Behind Weaves

The Tuareg people are nomads, which come from a smaller sect of the Berber tribes. As previously mentioned, they exist primarily in the Northern African regions, where they share common lifestyles with the Berbers. Their economy revolves around trade, however, which has greatly impacted their pursuit of art. Textiles are their main source of income, and each Tuareg rug has been made in line with a centuries-old tradition. 

Mats produced from these nomadic tribes are heavily regarded in the Tuareg culture, as each piece is hand-woven by women. The techniques have existed for thousands of years, and each mat is made with purpose and connection with nature. Convenience is what mostly drives production, as the materials can be found in their surroundings, such as palms and reeds. 

These leaves are used to create the base, and once done, decorative shapes and symbols are made using intricate leather strands from camel or goat. Each mat is then adorned with powerful symbols, telling the story of the people and women who made them. Their sizes are influenced by the need, and all Tuareg mats are made to last—even in the hottest of temperatures. 

Why makes Tuareg rugs the perfect interior decor choice?

  • Enjoy versatility: Tuareg rugs can be used in a variety of settings, including floor covers, wall decorations, and so much more. They are made to withstand even the harshest weather, but their adaptability goes beyond just that—they’re also highly versatile in terms of style, which then ensures that you enjoy value for money. 

  • Experience an artisanal Moroccan art piece: Tuareg rugs are more than just decor—they’re also symbols of cultural heritage, essentially art pieces you can bring home. You’ll be able to experience the history of the tribes, ensuring that you keep their work alive. 
  • Own a piece of history: Each rug is imbued with symbolism and meanings, which depict the life of the weaver. You’ll be owning a piece made from passion and love, handmade with techniques that are thousands of years old. 

  • Enjoying Works of Art and Culture

    Moroccan rugs continue to enchant the world, and the spell will likely continue to enchant more people. With durability, culture, and art in every single piece, investing in a Moroccan rug, especially a Tuareg one, is definitely worth pursuing. Enjoy pieces made to last and made with natural materials, done by the magic hands of cultures worth learning about. 

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