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  • Moroccan Rugs - A Quick Guide to Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetic

Moroccan Rugs - A Quick Guide to Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetic

Moroccan rugs are an effortless way to make any room look exotic. Because of its distinctive pattern, it can even be set up as a contemporary wall painting. Not a lot of people know that these rugs are incredibly versatile and can be set up almost anywhere.

With that said, here are some quick ideas you can draw inspiration from when designing your own home. 

Blue Moroccan Rug

In the Bathroom

Beni Ourain is a type of Moroccan rug that is made out of sheep's wool. While it might seem weird to put a rug in a place that will definitely get wet, the material and texture of Beni Ourain rugs are great for brushing and drying out your feet after a bath while ensuring that you have a non-slipping surface to stand on.

On Your Staircase

Since we practically put rugs all over the floors in our homes, why not set up a rug on the length of the stairs? If you do, you will need to lock them in place with a secured clip to keep the rug set in place and prevent slippage. 

In this effort, we recommend investing in a bright Boujad rug. These rugs are predominantly red, orange, and pink, featuring complex geometric squares and diamonds. 

In the Dining Room

Of course, the dining room is where people are most often going to spend time to eat, making it a great idea to put a warm-colored Moroccan rug on the dining room floor. It's also a great idea to have one right under the dining table so you could warm your feet and massage them with the soft fibers of the rug. Cleaning is also no issue since you can easily run a vacuum cleaner over it, and then there will be no more crumbs left on the rug!

Azilal rugs are made out of wool and are traditionally cream with black and brown patterns, which will complement a variety of dining room color schemes.

In the Office

Not everyone has it, but it would be a great idea to fill it in with a Moroccan Rug if you have a home office. Aside from the fact that hardly anyone ever wears shoes while indoors, it makes for a great way to warm your feet while getting busy with your workload. 

Put a Moroccan rug under your desk space and even around a coffee table to give your workmates and colleagues the Moroccan Rug experience with its contemporary and intricate design.

In the Garden

Considering that people use picnic blankets often outdoors, why not use a Moroccan Rug instead? It's a great way to protect yourself from the grass, giving you a much more comfortable sitting experience. In fact, it’s not just great on grass, but it can also be used on concrete as a way to soften up the landing. Since the Moroccan Rug can be used for most occasions, you can even use it on rooftops, considering that they are as comfortable as they are convenient!

In the Outhouse

Having a Moroccan rug is a great way to warm you and your family when you are all hanging in the outhouse—a log cabin would certainly be a great place to get cozy with your loved ones. Having a rug at the center of the cabin should make for beautiful decoration along with a great way to get comfortable and warm.

Aside from all the unique and common places to put a Moroccan Rug, you could also utilize Moroccan Poufs and floor cushions to bring a more exotic vibe along with better comfort.


Authentic Moroccan rugs can make any room look cozy—for as long as you know how to position it within your home. Now that you have an idea of what to get, your next port of call is to look for a supplier of authentic and affordable Moroccan rugs. 

Are you looking for a supplier of authentic Moroccan rugs near you? Here at Atlas Weavers, we have an extensive collection of premier rugs for you to choose from. Browse our selection today to find the Moroccan rug that's best for your home!