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  • Why Should You Invest In Beni Ourain Rugs?
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Why Should You Invest In Beni Ourain Rugs?

Moroccan rugs have now become a popular household item, mainly because of the undeniable style they bring. They bring life to any given space, but most homeowners remain unaware of the historical and cultural origin of these rugs. 

Moroccan Rugs On Sale

The Beni Ourain rugs, for instance, are some of the most heavily sought after pieces. Today, various Berber tribes still live in villages in the remote areas of the Middle Atlas, where their homes remain to be barely accessible. In these quiet settlements lie the weaving secrets of the Beno Ourain, which date back to ancient times. 

They were once used in the mountains to combat harsh weather and over time, slowly trickled down into local shops in Moroccan cities. Over time, they became known as one of the best rugs in the entire world. Due to their growing demand, Beni Ourain rugs have now become a business capital, finding their way down to various homes across the world.

One question remains, however—apart from the ancient techniques used, what makes these rugs so incredibly valuable? Here’s why:

Reason #1: They become more charming over time 

Moroccan rugs are considered invaluable additions to your home, but Beni Ourains? They’re investments. You’re essentially purchasing something you know will last you longer than a lifetime, which is rare in an age of ever-shifting trends and styles. You’ll want to have something that can stay in your family for generations to come, as this also allows you to tap into a sustainable practice.

The best part about investing in these rugs is that they do not have to be plain—you can choose the most intricate patterns and boldest colors, and they’ll remain with you for years to come. In other words, these rugs will never go out of style.

Reason #2: They can transform any space 

The mere fact that you’re investing in a piece that lasts means you’re making a smart decision. This is further highlighted by the fact that these rugs can transform any room. Due to the unique designs and choice of colors, you can guarantee that this Moroccan gem will add a touch of elegance, pride, and everything in between. Whatever the look you wish to achieve, a well-chosen Beni Ourain rug will help you reach that goal. 

Reason #3: You’ll be adding a piece of artwork to your home

Introducing art into your home can be intimidating, as there’s always the risk of accidentally ruining it, or perhaps staining the overall feel of your home. There are unspoken lines of mystery and perspectives surrounding art, especially when it comes to analyzing what constitutes well-created pieces. As a result, people tend to stay away from investing in such, or most are compelled to simply hang them up the wall without any practical purpose.

By investing in a Beni Ourain rug, however, you essentially purchase art you can touch, snuggle, and completely enjoy. It’ll keep your feet warm during harsh winter nights, as well as serve as your favorite spot for a night of Monopoly. It’s an art piece you cannot fear, and thereby, completely worth all your money.

Invest In Pieces That Last

Beni Ourain, although existing for centuries, remain to be a symbol of art and culture, particularly when it comes to depicting Berber tribe lives and traditions. However, the various households around the world have now realized how much these rugs can offer, and have now become one of the most desirable pieces today. From the reasons aforementioned, one clear answer can be derived—they’re simply just worth it. 

For the best Beni Ourain rugs, Atlas Weavers has you covered. We are a fair trade artisan supplier, offering you the word’s best Moroccan rugs. Allow us to connect you with art, culture, and history—order your special rug today. 

  • Post author
    Fox Web Creations