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  • Necessary Information About Caring for a Moroccan Rug

Necessary Information About Caring for a Moroccan Rug

When you get a Moroccan woven rug in your possession, you pretty much have a unique work of art on your hands. These come in a plethora of colors and textures that are nothing short of inspiring. With all of that beauty and craftsmanship, however, comes an issue that baffles many people: care.

Moroccan Beni rug


Moroccan Rug Maintenance

It's pretty much a given that you have a need to keep your Moroccan rug clean and well-maintained. There are several ways to go about it. Many people, understandably, go with the two-step Moroccan tradition:

  • Hang rug for a few hours in direct sunlight
  • Shake any remaining dirt and dust

It's a great way for your Moroccan rug to stay in good shape. However, when there are stains involved, it can get pretty scary. A lot of people have a tendency to just flat-out ignore stains because they're worried about damaging their Moroccan rug or ruining it flat-out. 

Read on for necessary information about caring for a Moroccan rug:

  • Vacuuming: Avoid rotating bristle brushes when you use a vacuum to clean your rug. Regularly using a vacuum will allow for excess fuzz and dirt to be removed easily. Use a stationary vacuum whose brush has an edge that is soft. Don't forget that you can (and should) include the rug's underside when you vacuum.
  • Cleaning Solutions: Avoid carpet cleaning solutions that are typically found in supermarkets and similar outlets. While they can seem to be a great answer to your problem, chances are, they're not compatible. Wool fibers will not respond well to such harsh chemicals, leaving you with a damaged Moroccan rug.
  • Spot Cleaning: Deal with small stains through spot cleaning. Before actually going through with it, run a small test on the area. Otherwise, you may end up with running colors, which won't necessarily be considered damage, but will distort how your rugs look.
  • Wool Material: Most Moroccan rugs are generally made up of wool. A number of others have cotton incorporated. In some cases, synthetic materials are also involved. Out of all that, wool is the most common, primary component.
  • Washing: Washing Morrocan rugs is possible with great caution. There are ways to go about doing it that prevent any possible damage in the process. Professional cleaners will know what to do; send your rugs their way at least once a year.

Deep Damage

Sometimes, the unavoidable happens no matter how careful we are. An accident can lead your Moroccan rug to end up with considerable damage. This can be anything from the spillage of red wine, to pet waste, or even muddy tracks.

In those cases, the ideal way of handling things is to just let the experts handle it. Find reputable cleaning professionals, preferably ones with some experience in handling similar rugs.


Moroccan rugs are essentially works of art: they're quite colorful and come in a number of textures. Understandably, figuring out how to care for them can seem worrisome. Traditionally, they're best off hung out to air dry under direct sunlight with a quick shake before they're brought back inside. However, vacuuming regularly with the right brush/attachment works just as well. In cases with deep damage, it's best to turn it over to professional cleaners.

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