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  • Tuareg Mats and Why You Need to Have One in Your Home

Tuareg Mats and Why You Need to Have One in Your Home

Moroccan rugs are becoming fairly popular today because of their eccentric details, intricate designs, and reasonable price compared to other vintage rugs. Many people are familiar with the beautiful, woven Moroccan rug, but not all know about the different kinds. One noteworthy example is the Tuareg mat. 

If you have not heard about this type of Moroccan rug before, this article will introduce you to what you need to know about it. 

Tuareg Mat

Introducing the Tuareg Mat

The Tuareg mat has long been considered a highly artistic, traditional Moroccan rug, making it a prized addition to any artisanal article collection. Like other Moroccan rugs, Tuareg mats are handmade and woven with natural and ecological materials, such as leather and palm tree fiber. 

They are sourced directly from Mauritanian tribes in the Sahara, who use these mats as covering for their floors and tents. By looking closely at their material and handwoven craftsmanship, you will see that Tuareg mats are designed to resist the harsh Saharan weather. Their primary purpose is to provide strong protection against the cold and the sand. 

Simply put, this rug is a creative piece that represents the cultural heritage of Saharan nomadic tribes. 

Adding Tuareg Mat Into Your Home

The Tuareg mat is considered an old-age Moroccan rug that incorporates many historical and strong cultural symbols. If you want to add a charming and unique Moroccan touch to your home, consider getting one. It will be a decorative addition to your home that symbolizes the history of the vast Sahara. 

Since this rug is made to withstand the Saharan weather, you can rest assured that it is highly durable. Moreover, its natural design is perfect for any indoor or outdoor space. If your house features an African, Sub-Saharan, or Nomadic style, this rug will be an ideal fit. 

Adding this rug to your living room, bedroom, or any space inside your home can promote an atmosphere of peace and add a splash of tribal living vibes. It is a simple decoration that can transport you to another world where you can imagine the sound of camels, the wind, and the Sahara desert right next to you.


Tuareg Mat - Moroccan desert


The Art of Tuareg Mat

Tuareg rugs have caught the eyes of art appreciators around the world. Because of their style and elegance, they are able to evoke an exotic, bohemian vibe while providing charm and uniqueness. They are the perfect mix of the history, nature, artistry, craftsmanship, and culture of the Saharan tribes. 

These rugs are made without any artificial colors and unnatural elements. They are a must-have home accessory with natural beauty combined with incredible workmanship, elegance, and Saharan materials. 


If you want to bring the classic, historical, Saharan experience into your home, why not add the impressive art of Saharan tribes into your room? Tuareg mats and rugs are made with creativity and passion, rich with geographic and cultural elements that will add plenty of character to your home. Finally, remember to purchase your Tuareg rug from a credible seller to ensure quality. That way, you can be sure of the authenticity of your rug and enjoy it for years to come.

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